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Ajazi Speaks: SIS bugged anyone there illegally (Source:,

Publikuar 14:28 01-10-2014

TIRANA – The head of a State Information Service rejects all allegations that senior political personalities be illegally tapped from this institution. In the first public More...

Ombudsman: To improve the legal framework for orphans (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 13:42 01-10-2014

Ombudsman reacts after scandal published by “Fiks Fare” with the head of the association “Orphans in Focus”. “The shameful and unacceptable is the More...

The head of the association requires sex with 17-year-old orphan, is expected arrest (Source:,

Publikuar 9:55 01-10-2014

TIRANA – A chairman of the association of orphans is captured by cameras Fixed-fare program, while seeking sex with a 17-year old teenager. Maxim Liço, which coordinates More...

DP government structure as “Berisha” (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 13:52 01-10-2014

Two days after the announcement of the list of 150 members of the National Council of the party, we learn that this new body will be constituted within two weeks, which will become More...

Basha: Meta-Rama installed more fierce conflict in Albania (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 10:05 01-10-2014

Violence in the Assembly, maltreatment of democracy and the rule of law, violation of human rights. Have been the topic of discussion at Democratic Party chairman Basha during More...

Energy prices in December (Source: Century,

Publikuar 14:00 01-10-2014

Discussions on whether or not to increase the price of electricity, will come to an end in December. Currently, the Energy More...

Seize Court ARMO 24.5 million real (Source:,

Publikuar 10:23 01-10-2014

TIRANA – Adds judicial troubles for the oil company ARMO Tirana court ruled seizure conservative bank accounts More...

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“J-Lo, a work of art” (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 14:54 01-10-2014
“Fundshpina it is a work of art that will certainly go down in history … along...

Bey-be, new day, new photos (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 14:39 01-10-2014
New day, new bikini. Beyonce posted on social networks two flare “fresh” from her vacation in...

Monica Belluci celebrates 50th anniversary (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:30 01-10-2014
Elegant and mysterious beauty. Monica Belluci, Italian actress turned 50 years old. Diva is the latest...
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Explosives of “Don Bosco”, to witness Arben Frroku (Source: Century,

Publikuar 10:43 01-10-2014

An explosive located down a vehicle, the disclosure of which More...

Declaration of assets, Proud inv..

Publikuar 10:15 30-09-2014

Kavaja INUK collapsed ‘Mon..

Publikuar 15:22 29-09-2014

INUK share in Tirana to demolish..

Publikuar 10:21 29-09-2014

Wealth, Meta debts arising Kryem..

Publikuar 10:44 26-09-2014

Lushnje, two dead in two road ac..

Publikuar 11:52 25-09-2014

Participating Albanian Post Post..

Publikuar 15:35 24-09-2014

Francesco Totti Record-t (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:55 01-10-2014

Rome managed to get a 1-1 draw against Manchester City in England and author of t-scored for the Italians was More...

Official Italy-Albania friendly (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:21 30-09-2014
November reserves for two friendly luxury Albanian national team. After France, which we have in the group, but as the host..

Real Madrid and AC Milan will meet in Dubai (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 15:15 29-09-2014
Real Madrid and AC Milan will play a friendly luxury in Dubai on 30 December this year. The news announced kuqezi..

Universities closed, many branches are not recognized (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 11:02 01-10-2014

There are hundreds of students who attended unlicensed institutions, whose credits today are not recognized More...

INUK, action to “Ali Demi”, 600 buildings will be demolished as follows (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 10:32 30-09-2014
National Urban Inspectorate continued action, where only yesterday has broken several items to the “Learning..

5 myths about billionaires (Source:,

Publikuar 13:58 29-09-2014
Millionaires are really interesting people, and not just because of the hoard wealth, but also..

Platform ‘antiFacebook’ (Source: Century,

Publikuar 11:16 01-10-2014
Ello social network gets 31,000 requests per hour from people who want to join in its platforms, claims founder. It was..

Bee milk and curative properties (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 11:24 01-10-2014
He is a white fluid with high nutritional value, found that emerges from the throat, head of worker bees small force..

American Kroketa (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 11:45 01-10-2014
ingredients - 1 box Corned Beef - 2 eggs - Bread crumb - Minced cheese - 50 gr peas - 4..
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