Duke: We want justice on appeal (Source: Top-Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

The decision of the Disciplinary Commission of UEFA has not only met our expectations, but somewhat surprised, by ticking the equality of what happened the evening of 14 October in Belgrade between Serbian More...

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Foreign media are surprised and react to the decision of UEFA (Source: Shqiptarja.com, www.shqiptarja.com)

Publikuar 15:50 24-10-2014

UEFA’s decision to match Serbia-Albania has baffled European and international media, prompting many of them to react violently. According Tuscany News, today’s decision More...

Korce, vehicle falling from a bridge, two people lose their lives 3 injured (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Publikuar 9:52 24-10-2014

A serious accident occurred near the Kor-Pogradec road axis. The incident occurred late Thursday, but due to an accident two persons were killed and three others injured. Police More...

Sacked two members of the HCJ, CEFA Lelçaj (Source: Century, www.shekulli.com.al)

Publikuar 15:09 23-10-2014

In today’s parliamentary session, the Assembly voted for the dismissal of two members of the High Council of Justice, Elvis CEFA Lulzim Lelçaj. Deputy HCJ Cefa Elvis was More...

PM: Removal of members, crime and corruption catch HJC (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 10:07 24-10-2014

The Democratic Party has called a violation of the constitution and grab the interest of justice to criminal groups and corruption download today in parliament two members of Council. More...

Assembly puts on the agenda three opposition demands. Rama: And yet are comics! (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Publikuar 14:19 23-10-2014

TIRANA-Assembly introduced in the agenda of the opposition claims 3, 1) for setting up two investigative committees, 2) to change the rules of the Assembly, 3) changes in the More...

Sit in bank deposits, because the decline of interest (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 11:36 24-10-2014

Decrease the amount of deposits placed in banks. As reported by BoA, ALL deposits are contracting sharply, marking the largest More...

Finance: No official decision on tax hikes (Source: Century, www.shekulli.com.al)

Publikuar 14:23 23-10-2014

Discussions in the media, over the past two days, in terms of raising taxes, the Finance ministry responds that More...

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Who has the mind to match (Source: Top-Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

Publikuar 11:43 24-10-2014
Sports arenas have become a magnet for famous women, ca ca passion for being in the...

Kristen Stewart: I’ll take vacation from cinema (Source: Top-Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

Publikuar 15:03 23-10-2014
In the past two years has 7 full shoot movies and now the time has come...

Rixhirohen scenes of “hot” ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ (Source: Top-Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

Publikuar 14:51 23-10-2014
When needed less than four months from the first appearance in cinema, Dakota Johnson and Jamie...
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Rama: Today was not justice for what happened at the Stadium of Belgrade! (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Publikuar 11:51 24-10-2014

TIRANA The prime minister Rama reacted to decisions made by the More...

INUK action for the release of p..

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The government’s decision,..

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The trial of Gjika, died before ..

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Highland Kingdom, found shot dea..

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Prodi: Albania admitted to the E..

Publikuar 11:09 21-10-2014

The Albanian delegation at the c..

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Bala: I’m sorry to Platini bench just dashed to the head (Source: Shqiptarja.com, www.shqiptarja.com)

Publikuar 14:49 24-10-2014

TIRANA – Albanian footballers who became prey to the violence of Serbian fans in game 14 October, reacted More...

Who will give the UEFA fair? (Source: Century, www.shekulli.com.al)

Publikuar 11:26 23-10-2014
Today is the decisive moment regarding the incident in Belgrade, where red and black players were subjected to violence of Serbian..

Platini against Blatter: No more support (Source: Top-Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

Publikuar 13:08 22-10-2014
Michel Platini does not stop at his campaign against moviolës in the field. Interviewed by the Italian media, the president of..

The TOEFL, provided to graduate master (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 15:04 24-10-2014

All students who choose to attend the second level, master’s, professional or scientific, will need to More...

Poll: Albanian women, as successful as men (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 15:15 23-10-2014
“Any woman who understands the problems of the welfare of a house is much closer..

Nicholas: I would give legal document in the absence of diploma (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 10:31 22-10-2014
For students at “Showcase” that have completed the first level, bachelor’s, master’s second scientific or..

Samsung introduces Galaxy smartphone S5 Plus (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Publikuar 11:08 22-10-2014
Samsung today introduced the Galaxy smartphone S5 Plus, a version of the Galaxy S5 but with Snapdragon processor 805. Like its..

The walk starts paralyzed after four years thanks to cell transfer (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

Publikuar 11:14 22-10-2014
He called Darek Fidyka and is paraplegic since 2010 Bulgarian 40-year-old was paralyzed from the waist down due to a blow..

Chicken breast with green sauce (Source: Ikub, www.ikub.al)

Publikuar 11:31 22-10-2014
Ingredients 500g of boiled chicken breast ago For the green sauce: 1 bunch parsley 20g pulp bread 5 tablespoons wine vinegar..
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