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Charges of murder, Doshi 6 hours prosecutor enters the front door comes from the rear (Source: Ora News,

Publikuar 17:38 05-03-2015

He stayed more than 6 hours in the prosecution of Serious Crimes MP Tom Doshi, who was today to give evidence and to be interrogated about his charges for the murder plot, he ordered More...

A day after discharge, Eugen Beci Nishani meeting at the Presidency (Source: American,

Publikuar 16:38 05-03-2015

Former Chief Prosecutor for Serious Crimes, Eugen Beci a day after discharge from the post and the publication of a video by MP Tom Doshi, who according to him implies in his More...

Rama: Justice to light the truth. Our standard, it works separately (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 14:52 05-03-2015

Prime Minister Edi Rama, in a statement to the media outside the Assembly Hall, said that all what no Albanian public today was a very sad display, in which, according to Rama More...

OSCE: Disappointed for the deterioration of the political debate (Source: Ora News,

Publikuar 15:48 05-03-2015

Some of the ambassadors accredited in Tirana came this morning in the Assembly to attend the hearing of the lodges, but fled at the first moment, when Ilir Meta stopped it after More...

Footage of the Priest, Berisha explains the position of Shkelzen: Meta did not want to resign, said intervene (Source: Ora News,

Publikuar 14:39 05-03-2015

“Ilir Meta has begged my son to intervene to me, that he not resign.” This explains the former Prime Minister Berisha Berisha Shkëlzen involvement in the events More...

Government allocates 400 million for new schools (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 14:56 05-03-2015

Government announces second call for the allocation of funds for education projects, amounting to 400 million, part of Regional More...

Businesses start repaying debts to Oshea’s (Source: Century,

Publikuar 14:47 05-03-2015

Day began the process of entering into contract agreements with businesses debit energy for the payment of installments. Operator More...

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Chris Brown: Surprise…I am a father (Source: Ora News,

Publikuar 15:23 05-03-2015
Known singer Chris Brown was surprised after learning that the father of a little girl 9...

Eternal Youth Meryl Streep (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 15:09 05-03-2015
Meryl Streep seems to have found the cure of eternal youth. 65-year-old actress has excelled in...

Hawke-Washington, then “Training Day” together again (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 15:03 05-03-2015
Ethan Hawke is in the final stages of negotiations to join The cast of the movie...
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Meta: You accused half of the party that brings you wait Azem Hajdari (Source: Century,

Publikuar 15:30 05-03-2015

The parliamentary session was the focus of the debate today between More...

Didi refutes allegations of PD D..

Publikuar 14:35 05-03-2015

TUHC reform, here will intervene..

Publikuar 14:52 03-03-2015

Braho: BROTHER Berisha, 500 thou..

Publikuar 14:41 03-03-2015

Money laundering, a senior recei..

Publikuar 14:35 03-03-2015

Rama in Vlora after floods give ..

Publikuar 14:20 03-03-2015

Charges Doshi Shkëlzen Berisha:..

Publikuar 12:21 03-03-2015

Barcelona-Bilbao, the King’s Cup final (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 16:17 05-03-2015

Barcelona’s first team King’s Cup finalists. In “El Madrigal” which ran the return match, More...

There is no winner in the “Olimpico” Rome-Juventus ends in draw (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 13:13 03-03-2015
Superndeshja week’s 25th in Serie A, Roma, Juventus finished with equal score 1-1. A 90-minute at a very high pace has..

Series A, tonight supersfida Rome-You (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 12:52 02-03-2015
This evening will be played the most important game of the week’s 25 Series A. The “Olimpico” Rome will descend head..

Draft higher education, executive master for employees in administration (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 16:03 05-03-2015

In a public hearing, where the participants were all stakeholders, independent Commission on Higher Education More...

Student Council: Statement false, would not boycott classes (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 13:47 03-03-2015
Notice – The Student Council has been informed that unauthorized students have declared that they..

Special gifts for the birthday of Dr. Flori (Source: Century,

Publikuar 13:12 02-03-2015
At first birthday Dr. Flori, since its separation from life, Albani was careful to perpetuate..

Cars robot knows you better than you know it (Source: Ora News,

Publikuar 15:44 05-03-2015
Many luxury cars and breathtaking models have been at the epicenter of the Geneva exhibition. But robot cars of the future,..

Mask with eggs for a clean face (Source: Living,

Publikuar 15:40 05-03-2015
Eggs are a key ingredient when it comes to facial problems, in particular against acne and wrinkles. The yellow of the..

Shrimp with cognac (Source: Living,

Publikuar 15:34 05-03-2015
ingredients 20 shrimp 1 onion 2 oranges 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 tablespoon tomato sauce 1 tablespoon cognac 1 celery branch white..
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