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IMEI Constitutional Court suspends decision (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 14:51 18-09-2014

The Constitutional Court decided to grant the Democratic Party right in its request to suspend implementation of a government decision, according to which within a few weeks, citizens More...

Rama: Terrorism threat to the world of the Balkans, Albania EU supports the USA (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 12:27 18-09-2014

Prime minister Tirana Edi Rama, spoke today at the start of the session of the Assembly for the NATO summit in Wells and highlights of the conversation. Rama once again expressed More...

The visit of the Holy Father, SIS 24-hour supervision at the altar (Source:,

Publikuar 9:58 18-09-2014

TIRANA – civilian police, secret service agents and not only Albanians have started to Tirana observations, a few days before the arrival of Pope Francis to visit our country. More...

Parliament convened in plenary today (Source: SMI,

Publikuar 16:57 18-09-2014

Assembly met today in plenary Parliament convened in plenary session today under the chairmanship of the President of the Assembly, Mr.. Ilir Meta and passed some important laws More...

Report Assembly deputies SIS bugged, “investigation” to Vishon AJAZI follows (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 12:39 18-09-2014

State Information Service has tapped MPs. This is the conclusion drawn from the members of the control group of the National Intelligence Service in a special report, which was More...

Gjermeni: Loans only for those who had a contract (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 14:33 18-09-2014

Lending homelessness continues for some categories, while the files are being vetted approved by the local government. This More...

Gjiknuri: energy price, there will be surprises. We have not paid small HPPs sector in crisis (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 10:21 18-09-2014

TIRANA price of electricity and other problems of the energy sector were the focus of the show today “Doing More...

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Arrested singer Don Omar (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 14:45 18-09-2014
Singer Don Omar was arrested in Puerto Rico on charges of domestic violence. 36-year-old was stopped...

Lady Gaga dumbfound Athens (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 14:41 18-09-2014
Lady Gaga posted Wednesday on Instagram three photos where he posed almost nude in her bathroom...

New album Nicole Scherzinger (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:27 18-09-2014
Is getting ready to launch the “most intimate album” that has produced so far and Nicole...
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Rama: Gratitude forever those who put the blood on the altar of freedom of the Fatherland! (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 10:38 18-09-2014

TIRANA Prime Rama through a Facebook post reminded 70th anniversary More...

Rama: Professional Education for..

Publikuar 10:47 17-09-2014

Action, INUK rrafshon two fuel-a..

Publikuar 11:02 15-09-2014

Puke massacre, arrested two brot..

Publikuar 9:21 11-09-2014

China promises highway Albania-M..

Publikuar 11:03 10-09-2014

President of the Assembly, Mr.. ..

Publikuar 9:54 09-09-2014

Employment in the state, how to ..

Publikuar 10:32 08-09-2014

Champions Bayern n Lick City, Rome and Porto goleadë (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:48 18-09-2014

Matches are held the second day of the group stage of the Champions League, where Bayern Munich won kryendeshjen More...

Ribery absent against City area, Robben returns (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 11:01 17-09-2014
Frenchman Ribery took Bayern back to play in the opening game on Saturday, where the champions of Germany won 2-0 against..

Menezit masterpiece, goal of the year (VIDEO) (Source: Top-Channel,

Publikuar 10:50 15-09-2014
The new football season has just begun and will be noted more beautiful goals by the end of it, but it..

The scandal with education textbooks 9-year-old Nicholas: Do i remove from circulation (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 11:04 18-09-2014

Minister of Education, Lindita Nicholas has promised reform textbooks, thus enabling the removal from circulation More...

Scandal textbooks is how children are educated Albanians (Source:,

Publikuar 14:37 17-09-2014
TIRANA – Some textbooks texts of which Albanian children gain knowledge, are subject to a..

Rama: The new screen, will be the future profession and employment! (Source:,

Publikuar 11:22 17-09-2014
TIRANA – Prime Minister’s Edi Rama, attend the inauguration of professional Austrian School “Hermann Gmeiner”..

Created “Facebook for the rich”: 9000 dollars entry (Source:,

Publikuar 11:52 18-09-2014
What if you were a billionaire and would like to do new friends on the Internet, but not mixed with all..

Vitamin A and its role in cancer prevention (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:01 18-09-2014
Once introduced into the body, vitamin A is usually stored in the tissue. Whenever necessary, it turns into retinoic acid, which..

Shrimp with pumpkin cream (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:14 18-09-2014
ingredients - 12 big shrimp - 600 gr pumpkin - 6 dl vegetable juice - 150 gr dried fruit mix -..
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