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Arrested Brovina DP 3 illegal connection in the villa in SG (Source:,

Publikuar 14:46 30-10-2014

TIRANA – While the opposition is casting for a police state charges referring to initiate action in three days against theft of electricity, an important exponent within More...

Electricity theft continues action on day III, handcuffed abusers (Source:,

Publikuar 13:18 30-10-2014

For the third day in the whole country continues action Oshea and State Police for electricity thieves. There were multiple arrests in some cities, while in handcuffs, businessmen More...

Transfers, distributed as 3243 students (Source: Century,

Publikuar 11:00 30-10-2014

Although there is no exact number of students to universities closed, the number of those to be transferred already been made public. There will be a total of 3243 students who More...

SAI audit, Arvizu: Must independence and professionalism, auditors guardians of public property (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 13:26 30-10-2014

It held today in Tirana second day scientific conference for SSA. Present at the conference, the American ambassador in our country, Alexander Arvizu said that the Supreme State More...

Assembly in plenary session, is expected to vote AMA’s head (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 11:07 30-10-2014

TIRANA, among whom some draft appointment of the head of the AMA and the draft to select two members of the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania is expected to be discussed More...

WSJ: Where should (and should not) to open a business (Source: Century,

Publikuar 13:39 30-10-2014

Albania is classified as one of the countries that has overcome the biggest, in terms of ease of doing business, in the latest More...

Properties published new formula for compensation of 25 thousand hectares (Source:,

Publikuar 11:17 30-10-2014

TIRANA Agency for Restitution and Compensation of Property is very close to identifying compensation bill that More...

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Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, a double “explosive” (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 14:06 30-10-2014
I do not have a problem appear less bare as possible whenever given the chance and...

Elle MacPherson reveals the secret of eternal youth (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 13:49 30-10-2014
Has reached 50 years old in March this year, but Elle MacPherson looks like a 20-year...

Promotional posters’ Furious 7 “(Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 11:32 30-10-2014
Are first detected promotional posters latest film saga ‘Fast & Furious’. In one of the posters...
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The policeman Rrugores: You cheat, no fines for fire extinguishers vest (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 11:37 30-10-2014

TIRANA-In any case, the Traffic Police officers in Tirana have More...

“Kurir”: Serbian foo..

Publikuar 12:12 28-10-2014

Paid assassin, Sinanaj: I did no..

Publikuar 11:30 27-10-2014

Rama: Today was not justice for ..

Publikuar 11:51 24-10-2014

INUK action for the release of p..

Publikuar 10:59 23-10-2014

The government’s decision,..

Publikuar 15:24 22-10-2014

The trial of Gjika, died before ..

Publikuar 13:22 22-10-2014

Serie A, Juve surprised, “grab” Rome (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 11:46 30-10-2014

Rome returns to victory after defeating 2-0 Çezenën, and grab the head classification Serie A, level on points More...

President of “Partizan”: Serbia guilty of violence with Albania (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 12:17 28-10-2014
Infamous decision in the UEFA Disciplinary Commission to Serbia-Albania match made ​​unhappy not only Albanians but also Serbs, who wanted keeping..

Stop Milan from Fiorentina, Juventus +3 from Rome (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 11:39 27-10-2014
Milan has not gone more than a 1-1 draw against Fiorentina in the last match of week 8 of Serie A..

Maradona violates girlfriend (VIDEO) (Source: Century,

Publikuar 12:13 30-10-2014

A shocking video of former footballer Diego Maradona, has been published recently on the Internet. It sounds More...

Great Ring leaves 60 families homeless (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 11:46 27-10-2014
About 60 families of Roma and Egyptian communities risk being homeless because their homes will..

The TOEFL, provided to graduate master (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 15:04 24-10-2014
All students who choose to attend the second level, master’s, professional or scientific, will need..

Forget mobile selfiet use Drona (Source: Century,

Publikuar 12:36 30-10-2014
Hong Kong- aircraft (Droni) similar to the one that flew over the stadium “Partizan” in Belgrade, Serbia-Albania match with ethnic Albanian..

8 ways to feel energetic throughout the day (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:47 30-10-2014
Fact: 56% of women consume coffee to be “smart” in the morning, according to a survey of 1008 people, sponsored by..

Risotto with gorgonzola and mushrooms (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:55 30-10-2014
ingredients - 300 gr rice - 1 onion - butter - 200 gr mushrooms - 50 gr gorgonzola - 1 core..
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