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MEP Knut Fleckenstein welcomes the agreement SP-DP (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 14:57 24-12-2014

MEP Knut Fleckenstein has praised the agreement reached between the opposition and the majority. Through ‘Fecabook-ut’, he said last night at midnight that his efforts More...

Witness Hajdari fire on police (Source: Century,

Publikuar 14:01 24-12-2014

A “clash” between the police and a citizen looking happened in the village Llukaj, Tropojë. Police were in action for the capture of fugitive Petrit Çakrri, while More...

Administration, PD: Shelter to inkriminuarit, leaving politically (Source:,

Publikuar 16:32 23-12-2014

Deomkratike Party leader Edi Rama accused the Prime Minister of making public administration a haven for criminals. Ardian Turku Democrat MP said the officer pulled plitikisht. Full More...

DP returned to the Assembly, Paloka: We searched change agenda, Ruchi refused (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 15:02 24-12-2014

Edi Paloka speaking after the meeting of the Conference of Presidents, who prior to being Assembly discussed several issues, mainly concerning the agenda. Whip of the Democratic More...

Ends boycott, negotiators SP-PD-LSI sign EP resolution (Source:,

Publikuar 14:23 24-12-2014

After three long rounds of negotiations, the majority and the opposition agreed to midnight to sign the draft joint resolution drafted by MEP Kukan and Fleckenstein, marking More...

Stealing the Treasury, Sejko: Responsibility of management and internal control (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 15:44 24-12-2014

Lack of management brought stealing the treasure. This is one of theses protected yesterday by the candidate for governor More...

Competition: The revised concession fiscal stamps for drugs, increase the cost (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 15:26 24-12-2014

Board Competition Authority (CA) requires revision of the concession contract for fiscal stamps drugs. According More...

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Adriana Lima, more magical than ever (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 16:00 24-12-2014
Adriana Lima was more fierce than ever before in a video for the calendar of the...

Kristen returns Stewartit smile … (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 15:56 24-12-2014
Kristen Stewart was photographed as often smiling, as she enjoyed a holiday with the friend of...

Iggy Azalea is spared to her boyfriend (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 15:52 24-12-2014
Iggy Azalea is included in the atmosphere of the holiday season and decided to give her...
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Romela Begaj: I’ve never used doping, I have no need for it (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 12:36 24-12-2014

Romela Begaj is a name that has given pride Albanians many times, More...

Selita killing father Ervin Shab..

Publikuar 12:31 24-12-2014

Busted a criminal group in Fushe..

Publikuar 12:25 24-12-2014

Arrested author of Murder in the..

Publikuar 12:18 24-12-2014

Ymer SMS driven shock: I kill me..

Publikuar 15:17 22-12-2014

Selita executions, revealed the ..

Publikuar 13:06 19-12-2014

Amendments to the Criminal Code,..

Publikuar 16:12 16-12-2014

Perez: Ancelotti will be Ferguson Madrid (Source: The Foreign Service,

Publikuar 12:14 24-12-2014

President madrilen Ancelotti hopes to stay longer on the team bench Ancelotti has given another dimension to More...

De Biazi: We expect a final match against Armenia (Source: The Foreign Service,

Publikuar 12:08 24-12-2014
The coach of the national team considers it very difficult qualification “It is not easy, but the match against Serbia damaged..

Inzagi with “heads up”, losing only to Juve (Source: The Foreign Service,

Publikuar 12:00 24-12-2014
2014 season is closed and Milanelo are starting to become balances. Results have increased compared to last season and in encounters..

The restaurant in Australia: Sorry, not allowed Muslims! The stream of responses on social networks (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 11:49 24-12-2014

Social networks in Australia are lit, after inscription placed by a restaurant, which his entrance through a More...

Was reporting near the burning drugs, journalist becomes “tree” (VIDEO) (Source: Century,

Publikuar 11:41 24-12-2014
A BBC journalist who was reporting near a pile of burning drugs that are not..

Pensioners – ISS: Here’s the graph of the distribution of rewards (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 11:36 24-12-2014
Since yesterday until December 30 th all pensioners can address about 500 Albanian Post offices,..

The father of the Internet provides future generations (Source: Century,

Publikuar 10:56 24-12-2014
Equipment will become cheaper and access to the Internet is becoming something universal, but how we use it is harmful and..

The benefits that can bring a massage session (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 10:52 24-12-2014
Coupon that includes a massage session can be the best gift you can ask someone you want. Discover the benefits that..

Scallops with rukola and tomatoes (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 10:47 24-12-2014
ingredients - 500 gr mussels - 300 gr small beans - 12 shrimp - 200 g tomatoes Qershiza - 1 bunch..
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