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Court hearing postponed for “TNT Band” (Source: Century,

Publikuar 13:44 20-11-2014

Serious Crimes Court today adjourned the hearing in the seven defendants charged the so-called “gang of TNT”, who weigh over 38 charges. Cause of the delay was the More...

1 year from the death of Sokol Olldashi, News24 view of new evidence from ngjarja (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 12:57 20-11-2014

TIRANA-Today, a full year from the death of the Democratic party MP Sokol Olldashi, who lost his life during a car trip from Elbasan to Tirana. News24 brings new facts from the More...

Best of “WSF” Dr. Gold will unite group. Police: Nurse under investigation (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 10:30 20-11-2014

TIRANA “West Side Family” was the band that in 2000, became the favorite of the Albanian public. Dr.Flori, Landi and Miri, already successful as a group, and were More...

Basha topalli abandons protest, broke the opposition’s boycott (Source:,

Publikuar 13:09 20-11-2014

TIRANA Former Speaker of the Assembly, Topalli has decided to break the boycott of the opposition participating in Albanian parliamentary delegation to the NATO Assembly in The More...

DP, Nebiaj: “The government lacks the screen where appropriate” (Source: Century,

Publikuar 10:50 20-11-2014

The Democratic Party has expressed condolences to the victims caused by bad weather in the Lezha district yesterday evening. Through a press statement, spokesperson blue seat, More...

Fasson business rewarded by returning profit tax amount due by 5% (Source: Century,

Publikuar 13:17 20-11-2014

Meeting government yesterday approved the decision to turn inward processing business profit tax amount due. This was announced More...

Russia, embargoed goods from Albania (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 11:08 20-11-2014

Russia said Tuesday it has banned meat imports from Montenegro and warned that it may impose similar bans on food More...

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“No not at all resemble the character to interpret” (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 13:34 20-11-2014
In the movie ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ interprets the role of a woman addicted to sex, but...

Sylvester Stallone a 68 year old in perfect shape (Source:,

Publikuar 13:26 20-11-2014
Who could believe judging from these pictures that Sylvester Stallone is 68 years old. Actor famous...

“To live with Kim Kardashian? No! Better the poor in Thailand “(Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 11:16 20-11-2014
During a visit to an orphanage in Thailand, a 13-year-old girl drew attention unusually Kim Kardashian....
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Lezha, is dependent 30-year-old, police started investigation (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 13:49 20-11-2014

One person was found hanging in the basement of an unfinished More...

He was killed with six bullets i..

Publikuar 11:24 20-11-2014

Meta: A society that fights to p..

Publikuar 14:20 19-11-2014

Specialists start cleaning Mosai..

Publikuar 17:23 18-11-2014

Quadruple murder, charges: Const..

Publikuar 11:54 12-11-2014

Qosaj: Rama was demonstrated in ..

Publikuar 14:10 11-11-2014

Tirana, 19 pubs closed if reopen..

Publikuar 14:47 10-11-2014

Salihi apologizes for Wolfe (Source: Century,

Publikuar 11:46 20-11-2014

Hamdi Salihi apologizes for Wolfe scored in the friendly against Italy. Through a status on “Facebook”, More...

“Match won fans” (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 14:30 19-11-2014
Friendly match between Italy and Albania was considered by the Italian press as a proof of civilization from the fans’. The..

Italy denounces Serbian violence (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 17:31 18-11-2014
Belgrade embarrassing event, although it has been about a month, continues to echo. Monday night, one of the most popular sports..

Wife passed away keeper Alban Hoxha (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 11:50 20-11-2014

Paphos Club has announced it is separated from the life of the wife of the keeper and the Albanian national More...

Priest abused believers: Make sex with me or you will be cursed forever (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 14:40 19-11-2014
ITALY – “Make sex with me or you will be cursed forever.” With these words..

Report: About 2000 children claim that ravished by parents (Source: Journal-English,

Publikuar 17:41 18-11-2014
The abandonment of compulsory education; constant experience of physical or psychological violence as a form..

Kosovo media: Hashim Thaci President in 2016 (Source: Balkanweb,

Publikuar 12:06 20-11-2014
PRISTINA-PDK leader Hashim Thaci, expected to become the President of Kosovo in 2016, then even when the current president’s term ends,..

What happens when you walk 500 km per hour ?! (VIDEO) (Source: Century,

Publikuar 12:24 20-11-2014
Do you like speed? But if you had to travel to 500 miles per hour, and more by train. The video..

Nuts for a healthy liver (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:31 20-11-2014
One of the reasons why one should consume nuts linked to excellent effect that they have to clean the liver. Liver..

Pan-fried shrimp (Source: Ikub,

Publikuar 12:36 20-11-2014
ingredients - 400 gr shrimp - 6 artichokes - 2 lemons - 1 core pond - 1 bunch of parsley -..
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