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In Albanian courts, he worked as a dentist in the US without a degree (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:12 17-04-2015

Some patients in the Bronx of New York go with full confidence to the dentist to fill a molar, to remove a tooth, or even to do some planting, but things were not as they seemed. Dentist More...

Region of Durres, 6500 new folder in the process of legalization (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 10:46 17-04-2015

The payment of construction parcel varies depending on the time of submission to the office of ALUIZNI and category of individuals or families, while only the former swamp area More...

Whitened scripts, discovering Gjutës group for 4 to Tahiri (Source: Albanian newspapers,

Publikuar 9:23 17-04-2015

White telephone scripts, which discovered 7 persons who are believed to have decided TNT father’s pharmacy Samir Tahir, Union Tahirit.Televizioni “A1 Report” More...

President of the Assembly received today the Minister of Economy of Macedonia, Mr.. Blessing Neziri (Source: SMI,

Publikuar 12:38 17-04-2015

President of the Assembly Mr. Ilir Meta Received the Minister of Economy of Macedonia Mr. Blessing Neziri President of the Assembly Mr. Ilir Meta Received the Minister of Economy More...

Mole does not stop, opened the race for two members of the Supreme Court (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 10:04 17-04-2015

President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani, has decided to continue his efforts to appoint two new members of the Supreme Court, despite the opposition of the parliamentary majority More...

Grants, 6.5 million euros for agriculture (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 14:14 17-04-2015

Grants, 6.5 million euros for agriculture – New Grant German and Danish government for agriculture presented this Friday More...

Standard & Poor’s: Albania’s economy will grow by 3.9% (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:38 16-04-2015

Standard and Poor’s (evaluation prestigious agency based in the US) on Wednesday confirmed the credit rating More...

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Cannes Festival prohibits “selfie” t (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 13:17 17-04-2015
Cannes Festival prohibits “selfie” -t- Mania doing “selfie” is growing and there is still no signal...

When media condemns “death” (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 12:52 17-04-2015
Scandals VIP events and private life do not ever go unnoticed when published in the media,...

Videoskandali of Rihanna’s drinking cocaine (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:12 16-04-2015
A new video of Rihanna’s Coachella music festival, shows singer preparing a suspicious substance and keeping...
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Court declares unconstitutional the National Bureau of Investigation (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 13:54 17-04-2015

Court declares unconstitutional the National Bureau of Investigation More...

DP, Adam Voltana Shkodra (Source..

Publikuar 10:12 17-04-2015

Rovers, employee theft irons wat..

Publikuar 9:43 16-04-2015

Roland released Mete, policeman ..

Publikuar 15:26 08-04-2015

Seriani assailant killed, the po..

Publikuar 12:15 08-04-2015

Fiks Fare: eggs that come from M..

Publikuar 9:23 08-04-2015

Shootout in Vlora, three dead. P..

Publikuar 14:56 07-04-2015

“Judgment Day”, launched marathon sessions in CAS (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Publikuar 12:40 17-04-2015

The great day of judgment for the October 14 match between Serbia and Albania began in the early hours of the More...

In CSA for 3 points, Serbia and Albania resume legal battle (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 15:12 16-04-2015
Today begins the last act of judgment of what happened in Belgrade on October 14 between Serbia and Albania in European..

“Loro Boriçi” appears Plan B (Source: Gazeta Shqip,

Publikuar 12:32 16-04-2015
Alternative construction project was approved under the initial model Project – Alternative presented to the Prime Minister Rama was adhering to..

Dumrenë fraud is empty; youth to Germany to promote the traffickers (Source: Top Channel,

Publikuar 14:30 17-04-2015

Dumrenë fraud is empty; youth to Germany to promote the traffickers – economic situation, difficult life More...

Lorraine’s story: Since 13 years I sold body (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:40 14-04-2015
Buying sex in Albanian society is still a taboo. Prejudices for those who practice as..

The story of the woman who was married to the abuser (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 8:39 09-04-2015
An Afghan woman who was raped by her cousin’s husband and who was subsequently jailed..

Things to avoid to be happy (Source: Gazeta Shqip,

Publikuar 12:16 16-04-2015
Often there are some daily habits, small or large or misconduct towards yourself and others, to play a detrimental role in..

Curating the table, foods that prevent disease (Source: Gazeta Shqip,

Publikuar 12:03 16-04-2015
Tips – There are seven foods that prevent various diseases in your body. To say no to drugs, may refer to..

Beef with vegetables (Source: Living,

Publikuar 10:01 07-04-2015
Ingredients for 6 people: 1 kg beef fat Salt and pepper as desired 1 kg of different vegetables Preparation: Take the..
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