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Assassin in Tirana / Italian is arrested, suspected hit man. Separately had the picture of Mentor Lufi (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Publikuar 9:40 28-05-2015

Mentor Lufi allegedly been the target of gun collision occurred the afternoon of 27 May 2015 Zogu I Boulevard, which killed three people. Police sources informed that Salvatore More...

Who are the three victims of yesterday, their criminal past and businesses who? (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Publikuar 9:16 28-05-2015

Three victims yesterday in Tirana, have been problematic and characters involved in the crime. But, what is their past and what they did? Mentor Lufi, from Bulqize Dibra has More...

Gruevski arrives Sunday in Tirana (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 13:44 27-05-2015

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, will arrive today in Tirana to attend the Summit of Prime Ministers of the region. The head of the Macedonian government in Albania More...

Meta received the Head of the Election Observation Mission of OSCE / ODIHR Ambassador Audrey Glover (Source: SMI,

Publikuar 14:36 28-05-2015

Mr. President of SMI. Ilir Meta received the Head of the Election Observation Mission of OSCE / ODIHR Ambassador Audrey Glover President of the Socialist Movement for Integration More...

Xixho holding meetings with residents of Unit 11 Lapraka area (Source: SMI,

Publikuar 14:12 28-05-2015

Candidate member of the Municipal Council of Tirana, Ms. ERISA Xixho holding meetings with residents of Unit 11 in the area of ​​Lapraka Xhixho: We will support the addition More...

WB, 1.2 billion Albania (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 12:46 22-05-2015

The Executive Board of the World Bank Group today approved the Country Partnership Framework (KPV) for Albania for the years More...

Stole 713 million lek by the BOA, the Court condemns the Buzian Bitrajn 23.4 years (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:05 21-05-2015

Approximately 13.4 years in prison Tirana court decided for the former employee of the Bank of Albania, Ardian More...

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Albanians threaten to death winner ‘s Eurovision’ (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 10:07 26-05-2015
Eurovision winner’s, mans Zelmerlow, thought he had published a picture of innocence, when it stood lying...

Elhaida: Albania will send largest venues (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 9:22 25-05-2015
Dani Elhaida singers break after hours of silence after the great final of Eurosong UNMIK in...

Elhada Dan in the final of “Eurovision” lit by torches (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 11:56 21-05-2015
Elhaida singer Dan represented, yesterday successfully Albania in the Eurovision Song Eurovision scene in Austria. During...
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Publikuar 9:26 19-05-2015

Illegal constructions / Changing..

Publikuar 8:56 14-05-2015

Roberto Saviano in “Englis..

Publikuar 10:02 12-05-2015

Durres, 19-year-old thief caught..

Publikuar 12:19 07-05-2015

President of the Assembly on ..

Publikuar 7:57 06-05-2015

Panariti: With Mr. John and z. T..

Publikuar 12:11 04-05-2015

Paphos Kukes ensure Europe Apolonia down by category (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 9:21 18-05-2015

Verdicts are given season and only a surprise last week, could upend Europe only issue, although it is almost More...

Juventus in the final, MORATA “kills” Real (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 10:21 14-05-2015
Italy on holiday. Juventus manages to go in the final of the Champions League. Is the unwanted one of Madrid, Alvaro..

Denmark rejects Serbian fans: There are hooligans (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Publikuar 10:33 06-05-2015
Denmark closed the doors of the stadium Serbian fans by calling dangerous as perpetrators of repeated acts of hooliganism. The reason..

Niece repent “beloved grandmother killed pad” (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 9:50 26-05-2015

I did not participate in the crime and was not at all in the room when the grandmother died. ” This assertion More...

“Dump” named Tirana! (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Publikuar 9:29 13-05-2015
“The close vote noses Christian Democracy,” said Indro Montaneli great once, when asked who will..

Meta takes part in the activity and open the fair at the Ministry of European Integration, on the occasion of Europe Day (Source: SMI,

Publikuar 12:28 08-05-2015
President of the Assembly, Mr. Ilir Meta attends the event and trade fair opened at..

16 people with real supernatural powers (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 10:06 14-05-2015
In the world today there are strange people but are considered by some supernatural force 1 Preview with X-rays Demkina Natasha..

Healthcare, dismissed and replaced 650 employees (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Publikuar 9:34 14-05-2015
Just three days ago, the National Center of Continuing Education made public the list of names of health professionals, who during..

Beef with vegetables (Source: Living,

Publikuar 10:01 07-04-2015
Ingredients for 6 people: 1 kg beef fat Salt and pepper as desired 1 kg of different vegetables Preparation: Take the..
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