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Albania 101 years of independence. Mole, Rama, Meta Gjika together in festive ceremonies (Source: Balkanweb,

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76819TIRANA – Vlora has started with the ceremony marking the 101 th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence . Nishani President , Prime Minister , Edi Rama , speaker and cabinet Meta happened this morning in Vlora ceremony began with placing wreaths of flowers and symbolic setting of red and black flag .

First crown tomb of Ismail Kemal placed President Nishani , followed by the Speaker of Ilir Meta and the prime minister Rama . While recent crown of flowers has decided Vlora Mayor Gjika .

Attending the activity were also Vlora Kosovo authorities .

After the ceremony , Prime Rama in a brief statement said : “I thank all those who have joined us today in Vlora , we as a government are committed to bring the country forward . I wish all Albanians Enjoyed this great holiday . ”

President of the Republic , Nishani , Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament Rama , Ilir Meta , have only joint program launching ceremonies in celebration of Flag Day in Vlora . At 11:00, they were together at the ceremony of raising the flag and then placing floral wreaths at the tomb of Ismail Kemal . Afterwards , celebrations program between president and prime minister Rama divided .

Celebrated across the country today , 101 th anniversary of Independence of Albania . A busy agenda of activities are provided in the capital and particularly in Vlora , where 101 years ago Ismail Kamal accompanied by 83 delegates declared the country’s independence .

While many activities are planned by the Municipality of Tirana , as was announced at 19:00 and reception organized by the Presidency on the occasion of 101 anniversary of Albania .

Just like in previous years is expected to Independence Day celebrated in Kosovo, Macedonia and other countries where Albanians live .

INDEPENDENCE , reverently Basha Ismail Kemal bust
The time when the declaration of independence was signed , 16:00 is selected by the Mayor of Tirana , Basha honor the Independence . By placing flowers before the bust of Ismail Kamal , on the Boulevard , Basha said that 101 years ago , the Albanian government took official form thanks to a man as Ismail Kemal .

President of the Republic , Nishani Odeta Nishani wife , visited the family at noon vlonjat Osman Haxhiu patriot . ? ?
During this visit , as part of the 101 anniversary celebration of Independence , President Nishani was accompanied by Mayor Gjika , chairman of the Supreme State Audit Bujar Leskaj and other local leaders . ? ?
During the conversation with a descendant of patriot Osman Haxhiu , President Nishani , he stood his image dimensions and to its role in the history of Vlora and Albania . ? ? @
” I wanted to honor the memory of those who have given much to Albania and your family is a traditional family with high values ​​,” said Nishani , citing Osman Haxhiu a central figure of history .

PROJECT ” lungo mare ” RAMA : to give a new dimension COASTAL DEVELOPMENT
In theater ” Petro Marko project was launched today ” Lungo Mare ” , where international competition was to design the city ‘s coastline Vlorës.I Prime Rama attended the event expressed optimism for the competition in order to develop the coastline.

” We have excellent examples of how to be a city coastline can be transformed into one of the most important sources of economic development , but also the welfare of the city but the whole country . We have excellent examples to learn from the mistakes of others in the design and use of project based on made ​​the urban coastline is a very fragile after merges very close to each other near the nature and need for development. I believe that we have the necessary experience , which was reflected in the appearance that made ​​Adelina to build a competition that involves not only the strength of imagination and talents of many famous architects and planners in the world , but also energy and opinion people living reality itself is not necessarily where talent and imagination that comes from outside that can guarantee success , but it is the synergy between the two to guarantee success . ”

According to Rama despite shoreline damage from indiscriminate constructions , it is possible to transform it into harmony with the nature of tourism. He stressed that the government’s objective remains the realism of the project within the time frame of two years .

” I am convinced that despite damages incurred due to lack of experience or because of the haste after a volatile development potential is there . And I am convinced that anyone who goes to the coast of Vlora on foot after cleaning done and those that will be made ​​up at the end and very quickly , and feel that there is all the space to build one of the most urban lines feature beautiful Mediterranean city development , in order to develop the whole country and in view of a number of absorbing not only the largest , but also the quality of tourists to Vlora . Tourists coming from all Albanian lands and foreign tourists who surely the realization of this project will be to Vlora and the progress of this project will be more attracted to bregdetare.Ne line we all will to project to build the coastline of Albania, beginning with the coastline of Vlora . I am confident that in a short time realivisht believe to be about 2 years we can touch the eye and live this reality , this project starts today . Our objective is that the project be carried out before the summer of 2015 and I am ibidnur that we have all the possibilities to make this goal a reality , ” said Rama .

Krymeministri Rama promised that the project ” Lungo Mare ” government will make available in a timely manner and without delay, the source of funding .

At the end of his speech, the Prime Minister congratulated the participants for holiday Rama Flag and Liberation on 29 November .

” Independence Marathon ” , an event initiated last year by the passionate sports from Ulcinj and Shkodra , has become part of the design for the Independence celebrations . Group marathoners and Ulqin Shkodra , in the second edition of this marathon , were joined by many others from Tirana and other cities of Albania .
Unlike last year , when launching the marathon had arrived in Ulcinj to Shkodra , this time its the route is from Shkodra to Ulcinj . The launching ceremony of the marathon race at the Square of pedonales the Municipality of Shkodra .
Before the starting signal was given , the Mayor of Shkodra Albanian MP Luke and Lawrence of Ulcinj , Nimanbegu joy , conveyed the greetings of the case, he wished the participants success . Meanwhile , Esat Aloshi among the main initiators of this marathon , an Albanian from Ulcinj , but living for years in the United States , during a pronunciation expressed satisfaction that his initiative group of Ulcinj , supported by veteran shkodran sport , Irfan Domnori in the city of Shkodra , is already widespread in other areas Shqipëpërisë as Albanian and Montenegro .


Source : Balkanweb

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