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Yemen , MOD attack


ushtari-0412Yemen , MOD attack

A car bomb exploded Thursday morning at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defence in the Yemeni capital , Sana’a , causing 20 deaths and 37 wounded .

The news have announced local authorities . Smoke is seen to rise government complex in the Bab al Jaman , at the entrance to the old town .

Meanwhile , witnesses have told the international media that they heard gunshots and sirens of an ambulance headed to the scene .

Yemeni security forces are fighting against regional rebels and al Qaeda militants , while trying to control the factions in the army .

“The attack occurred just moments after the start of working hours in the ministry , when a suicidal gunman took his car to enter the ministry ,” said a spokesman for the news agency ” Reuters ” .

” The explosion was very powerful , the whole area was shaken because of his cloud of smoke rose from the building ,” said a witness while being for the agency ” Reuters ” .

Authorities also said a second car followed the first , with its occupants opened fire on the government building . The incident comes after a series of attacks on officials made ​​by militants who allegedly belong to a branch of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula .

The country is going through a difficult transition since President Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced to resign in 2011 .


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