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Julian Sinanaj, assassinations journal killings (Source: Top Channel,

juliansinanajDuring the arrest of Julian Sinanaj , police seized as evidence material and a personal journal paid killers . Learned that 31 – year-old had recorded some of the criminal activities that he carried out in different times and places .

Sources say that the block consisting of 20 sheets , containing a list of ammunition that was in possession Sinanaj Julian . They were marked by rows , from firearms , to use their mobiles to the assembly of TNT C4 , drone . Investigators say the killer had paid marked with the date the series of murders . Block is found in the exact date , time and place of the murder of Veizi Sokol , who was killed in the early morning hours of 26 August 2013 , in a local seaside . For the execution of the fisherman , 31 – year-old cousins ​​were promised by Anthony Mëhillaj Genis and a land area of 1,500 square meters in the city of Vlora .
Ordering promise not kept , but only gave him an apartment . The same records also held for murder of businessman Agron Cela , who was executed evening of 20 August 2013. In another sheet block , 31 – year-old had the names of persons who had put TNT C4 , drone , including buildings and vehicles . Sinanaj Julian is a professional killer . Moderation and large targets had turned it into the most wanted man in the free market killings . He never does he erred , in any moment , either here in the behavior towards people .

Persons with Sinanaj acquiescence can not be thought that after the man calm and polite , hiding a cold-blooded killer . It seems that even in this regard 31 – year-old was prepared . He did not tell anyone to ” criminal career ” . Few were those who knew about the double life of the son of Elbasan . In the apartment block was found in a phrase mark advisory Sinanaj own hand . In its front page was written : ” Do not talk to anyone and anything that will kill .” The same was also recorded on the last block of crimes . It seems that this phrase Sinanaj Julian served as a therapy for restraint . To understand the criminal world of paid assassins , investigators are expected to seek the help of a psychologist . After giving evidence of criminal activity , psychologists will be examined . Twice a week , he will speak with the psychologist , to show the feelings he had after the killings , the reasons that pushed towards the road and everything else that is necessary for investigators . Not yet been determined psychologist to deal with the issue ” Sinanaj ” . Besides gjakftohtësisë shown in the murder , 31 – year-old has targeted emergency. He shoots with both hands and grab ” points ” maximum in any distance . Sinanaj has enough knowledge to build bombs , weapons and modifying their composition . A few days ago , he was sent to the polygon , which has undergone two phases of shooting with firearms . Originally pistols are delivered , which has mounted and dismantled and after shot from different distances . In the second phase , it has been introduced automatic weapons , which they performed the same procedure . His skills and knowledge about firearms police have surprised experts . Assassin contract was at a premium in the market , because he erred not ever . He acted without leaving any trace on the scene , making it difficult for police work in dozens of killings without revealing the author in Albania . After execute the next victim , 31 -year-old blow gun crime. He did not use it for the second time , after the cartridges found at the scene will compare the ballistics lab . Serial killer knows not say why the execution of businessman Agron Cela . He told the investigators that the murder was committed on behalf of Genis Mëhillajt . “I know I say that the message has come from Genisi . I do not know the reason and motive of the murder of Argon ” Sinanaj said in his testimony . He admitted that the execution has performed in front of the children and the crime that has done has been bad . For the execution of businessman from Vlora , he was rewarded with the amount of 35 thousand euros .


Source : Top Channel

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