European Bank interrupts the supply of euros to Greece (Source:,

The ECB has cut supplies euros for Greek banks. It seems to have started so “power game” between European financial institution and Athens. The new measure was taken on Wednesday, after the presentation of plans Tsipras. The ECB has toughened its stance towards Greece, limiting financing banks. In a statement, the ECB said it would not accept More...

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Customs-Taxation Agreement, jam businesses in debt (Source: Ora News,

Taxation and Customs Directorate have found the solution to your debtors to collect money owed to have the state. According to the Customs Drejoreshës, Chevening, none of those who have problems with tax obligations, More...

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Haxhinasto: Water to collect bills (Source: Journal-English,

“There will be rigorous interventions and institutional coordination more efficient to increase the billing and collection of water supplies”, warned yesterday the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, More...

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Bypass the Vlora, other 18 mln deal from EBRD. The project starts in March (Source: Journal-English,

The Ministry of Finance has today signed grant agreement between the Albanian Government and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to carry out works in Bypass-in Vlora. Head of Finance, Shiny More...

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“Misery index”: Albania better standard than its neighbors (Source:,

American Institute Cato study in a report published on “misery index” in 108 countries in the world have ranked among them Albania. But what is new is that in our country Cato Institute standard of living More...

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Officially closed pleas What are constructions that risk (Source:,

While at the end of yesterday is officially closed declarations deadline, any object without permission left out of the process of legalization will be subject to review by the National Defense Inspektoariatit the More...

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Employees who receive reparations away, has 300 names (Source:,

Employees dismissed in the administration who earn trials have been a heavy burden on state coffers. During 2014 the Government had to pay from the state budget about 20 million dollars for the execution of court More...

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The quality of the oil, as analyzed samples taken in the field (Source: Ora News,

At the height of the debate on the price reduction mosreflektimin the karburantetve an even bigger question arises for their quality. Many citizens complain about the quality of the fuel they use and the damage More...

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License for refineries, “illegals” closed (Source: Journal-English,

Private refineries operating outside the standards will be closed, warned yesterday the Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri. Present at the opening ceremony of the new laboratory Central Technical Inspectorate More...

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Cani: 720 million dollars in debt from previous governments (Source: Century,

Minister of Finance, today accused the opposition Cani brightness that left the state coffers with 720 million dollars in debt. During the debate in Parliament on budget normative act of 2014, Cani said, “The More...

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