License for refineries, “illegals” closed (Source: Journal-English,

Private refineries operating outside the standards will be closed, warned yesterday the Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri. Present at the opening ceremony of the new laboratory Central Technical Inspectorate (CTI), Gjiknuri said, the end of February will be the deadline for the processing plant oil derivatives, subject to the process More...

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Cani: 720 million dollars in debt from previous governments (Source: Century,

Minister of Finance, today accused the opposition Cani brightness that left the state coffers with 720 million dollars in debt. During the debate in Parliament on budget normative act of 2014, Cani said, “The More...

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Rama to investors: Active measures to facilitate economic climate (Source: Journal-English,

Prime Minister Rama promised before foreign investors that the government will continue to take active measures to facilitate economic climate. He said that soon expected to adopt two very important laws for investment More...

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ALL four price decreases, at 200 points with quality problems (Source: Journal-English,

In yesterday’s gas stations found a decrease in the price of oil and gasoline, with about 4 ALL / liter. In retail trading points in Tirana, a liter of petrol costs 158 lek, from 162 ALL costing ago. Even More...

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Economic freedom in Albania lower than a year ago, the problem of corruption and properties (Source: Ora News,

Economic freedom in our country has declined compared with a year ago. It is found in the annual Index of Economic Freedom in the world, published by the Heritage Foundation. According to this report, this decrease More...

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Ahmetaj: new economic model, increased domestic production and exports (Source: Ora News,

Economic Development Minister Arben Ahmetaj during a meeting on the development and integration of agriculture and trade in Elbasan has stated that the new economic model will focus on the growth of domestic production More...

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Oshea: 3 documents to delete debit (Source: Journal-English,

Oshea requires three documents to verify the payment of bills that are not registered by the company’s information system. This problem is created by the abuses of the Albanian Post employees, issues are followed More...

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Superpaketa the ECB, 1.1 trillion euros to fight deflation (Source: Ora News,

The European Central Bank will shed the Eurozone economy at least 1.1 trillion euros in the coming years, in order to fight deflation. She decided to buy treasury bonds worth 60 billion euros every month from March More...

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Oshea, 50 million dollars for 2015, ERE approves investment plan (Source: Journal-English,

ERE has approved investment plan for Oshea for 2015, which amount to about 50 million dollars. The letter was signed by the head of ERE’s departure opens the way for investment, mainly in the purchase of new More...

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Start work on the preparation of a road tax (Source:,

The Albanian government has begun work on the preparation work of drafting the strategy of Taxation Road in Albania, a project that will be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As administrator More...

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