KM: Approved property values ​​for each region of Albania (Source:,

TIRANA – The government approved property value for each region of the country. The decision was made today at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, under which property values ​​so determined by the type of ownership of the property, for each region of Albania. The full decision below: RESOLUTION FOR ADOPTION OF PROPERTY VALUE FOR EACH More...

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Reform saves $ 60 million per year (Source: Top Channel,

While territorial reform debate has focused only on affiliation of municipalities and municipalities with the new map, little has been said about its economic benefits. By reducing local units, the roughly 400 such More...

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AEPC submitted, will be lowered mobile tariffs (Source: Journal-English,

Authority: There domination and jam. Rates of most sit on December 31, 2014, intervention in the retail market Fees – “Mobile operators have not always reflected reductions in tariffs termination tariffs More...

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Gjiknuri: agreement with CEZ best for the country. Trial with the Czechs could not win (Source: Journal-English,

Energy Minister, Damian Gjiknuri has described the agreement reached with the company CEZ as best everything that is possible to the country, given the situation in the conflict which left the company with the previous More...

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100 company in liquidation, creditors notify the NRC (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-The problems facing many businesses due to the economic crisis, have caused many of them to turn liquidation proceedings or bankruptcy. National Registration Center has released 100 societies that have started More...

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Cani: In June 2015 the debt repaid (Source: Journal-English,

Shiny Cani Minister speaks for the next 300 days to 330 days analysis Finance. “Deepening the fight against corruption, tax evasion and smuggling; efficiency in the use of public money; Further ensuring economic More...

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Changes the name of CEZ in Oshea (Source:,

Power distribution company, still mainly Owned Czech group CEZ, but since 1 January 2013 in the state administration, has changed its name. According to the NRC application, the Energy Regulatory Authority decided More...

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Legalization: Prices favoring the sale of plots, free disabled (Source: Journal-English,

Çmimet favorizuese Government approves favorable decision on the sale prices of the building block for unlicensed facilities for housing or mixed. Those who are for legalization buildings in urban areas will have More...

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300 days before MF: fiscal management, $ 270 million more in budget (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – In the first 300 days of government, the Ministry of Finance managed to lead the state budget $ 270 million more than the same period a year ago, but with other managers. These revenues Vice Niko More...

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More expensive credit, to business overdraft (Source: Journal-English,

High interest rates for loans in domestic and tighter standards for bank loan. The month of May 2014 is the lowest point of the first 5 months of the year for lending, according to the Statistical Bulletin of the More...

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