The historical record, the public debt for the first time over 1 trillion Lek (Source: Gazeta Tema,

For the first time in history, Albania’s public debt exceeds the level of 1 trillion ALL. The figure, difficult to visualize the simple citizen, is equal to one thousand new billion (a figure with 12 zeros) or 10 thousand billion old. This historical record, achieved on 31 March this year, publicly refers to statistics of the Ministry of Finance, More...

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Mortgage lien lifted for families (Source: Gazeta Shqip,

Ministry of Energy: The draft will be amended, we are working on alternative solutions Government decides to withdraw from the harsh measures of the burden of making mortgage for family homes that have outstanding More...

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Table for the economy, Ahmetaj: To increase exports (Source:,

Table for the economy, Ahmetaj: To increase exports – was held in Tirana on Tuesday morning Roundtable on the Economy and Technology Development. Present at this meeting, Economy Minister Arben Ahmetaj stated More...

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Insurance companies increase profits. FSA: market stabilized

Sorry, this entry is only available in Shqip.  More...

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Rama: There irrigation for farmers, will increase agricultural economy (Source: NOA,

Prime Minister Edi Rama was present at a press conference, where they presented the projects and grants for irrigation and drains. The head of government has indicated that it will be possible for 100 thousand families More...

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Grants, 6.5 million euros for agriculture (Source: Top Channel,

Grants, 6.5 million euros for agriculture – New Grant German and Danish government for agriculture presented this Friday the Minister of Agriculture, Edmond Panariti and two ambassadors Jensen and Hoffman. “Another More...

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Standard & Poor’s: Albania’s economy will grow by 3.9% (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Standard and Poor’s (evaluation prestigious agency based in the US) on Wednesday confirmed the credit rating B / B for Albania, about the short and long term debt of the country. “We expect that the More...

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Investment rises Council; Rama: Loans to farmers (Source: Top Channel,

Investment rises Council; Rama: Loans to farmers – With the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Albania became the first country to raise a special Council for Investment. “At More...

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High tariffs, ships leaving the port of Durres, choose Montenegro (Source: Shqiptarja,

Durres – Durres seaport which is the largest port of the country’s work has long since fallen. It seems meager number of ships visiting the port. Today in dock at the port numbered 1 merchant ships, More...

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TAP announces contract for roads and bridges in Bangladesh (Source: Top Channel,

The company “Trans Adriatic Pipeline” has selected a consortium comprised of companies “Gener 2″ and “Sicilsaldo” for the construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges More...

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