Durres, accident death a 3-year old children (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

DURRËS-A only 3 years old children died day after been hit by a car. The event took place in Durres Sukth around 13:00. L.Lleshja vehicle driver after the accident has transported the juvenile to the hospital but he died without being able to get medical help. Police have launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the accident. 06/08/2014 Source: More...

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Kakavija seized 63.5 kg of marijuana, arrested two Greek nationals (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Kakavijë-Two Greek nationals have been arrested yesterday at the border crossing point Kakavija on charges of drug trafficking. Police have arrested explains Anastasia Vogiatzi and Panagiotis Markopolos who are More...

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Maths test tomorrow, mistakes that disqualify you (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA-On Monday, June 9 at 45 thousand high school students will be entered in the Maths exam required. The exam starts at 10:00, but Matura regulation stipulates that candidates have an obligation to the day of More...

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29-year-old prison custody Mexhaj Alban, sold weapons ‘killerit’ Sinanaj (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA – Serious Crimes Court in Tirana has given possession arrest in prison today for Mexhaj Alban , the suspected person supplied weapons Julian killerin Sinanaj . According to sources Alban Mexhaj Prosecution More...

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Testimony of Deputy Director Military: MPs and ministers were tapped (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA – The newspaper ” Panorama ” writes today that ” the Army Intelligence Service has tapped people immunity as deputies , diplomats and ministers .” It was made public yesterday More...

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Assembly in plenary session, expected review of some draft (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA – day Assembly is expected to convene today in the next plenary session . During today’s session is expected to discuss some important bills such as Bill ” the creation and functioning of More...

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Tirana beats “husband”, girls 2 weeks in a coma. 47-year-old: stretch ear and hair leu (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA – ” XH . Daubed with colored hair too extravagant . Did not like me at all … which day to talk , debatuam very well because Dz . Wore a pair of stretch , that I was not loved . But not I More...

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The new law for the persecuted former Veliaj: Women compensated first (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

TIRANA first – category persecuted who are compensated first farms were imprisoned during the communist regime . So said Minister of Social Welfare , Veliaj . According Veliaj within this legislature is expected More...

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Fushe Kruja, stolen transformer, about 400 residents without power (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

KRUJE AREA – About 400 residents in Fushe Kruja area were left without electricity as a result of theft of 6000 volt transformer, at a place called Gjoles Bridge. The robbers entered the cockpit by dismantle More...

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Engines Competition Authority: liberalize technical check (Source: Balkanweb, www.balaknweb.com)

TIRANA – The Competition Authority has recommended the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to be taken regarding technical inspection of vehicles . Referring to the long queues that are often a problem More...

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