Mr reaction. Petrit Vasili about moving Trauma Hospital under the Ministry of Defence (Source: SMI,

Reaction of the Parliamentary Group Chairman of SMI, Mr. Petrit Vasili about moving Trauma Hospital under the Ministry of Defence. Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of LSI, Mr. Petrit Vasili comment of the Prime Minister no. 3900 dated 08.27.2015 for passing Trauma Hospital under the Ministry of Defence, in a press release, Mr. Basil said that the More...

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SAI utter 3 MAS officials in the prosecutor (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

High State Control has been reported in three senior prosecutor of the Ministry of Education and Sports, as accused of having committed violations of procurement procedures. According to SSA, the offense has caused More...

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Reform Law, Lu belong Vlahutin Xhafaj (Source: Gazeta Tema,

US Ambassador Donald Lu and she Romana Vlahutin European Union held a meeting this morning with the President of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Fatmir Xhafaj. Meeting held in the Presidency of the Assembly More...

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An accident Doshi (Source: Gazeta Tema,

MP Tom Doshi is injured while traveling in his vehicle. He was traveling with his car while Audi was hit on the driver of a BMW. This happened in Shkoder-axis Velipoje. Doshi was traveling towards Velipoje, while More...

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“Oxi” for Greece? Italy while Germany chafes (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Can Greece exits the Eurozone five years? German Finance to the Minister caused by the debates in Brussels. Da Greece should leave the eurozone to five years and to settle issues about debts. Possible Greece would More...

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Remarks to the media of the President, Mr. Ilir Meta (Source: LSI,

Certainly looked like it would be a routine day, I believe that many of you have had that feeling that I had, like we were suddenly at the stadium and saw the wobbly nets as before 30 years when Sokol Kushta raised More...

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TV Klan leader Edi Rama announce the Balkans and requires confirmation by Merkel (Source: Gazeta Tema,

TV Klan has reached the height of servility to the Prime Minister Edi Rama. At the press conference, Klan TV journalist, the Chancellor Merkel asked if she had a favorite leader of the Balkans and what she thought, More...

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Tahiri speaks of the death penalty (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Reinsertion of the death penalty in Albania Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, is a lost faith in justice and reform of its missing. Through his Facebook status, Tahiri responded Thursday with interest of citizens More...

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Local Execution, 5000 euro reward for the capture of the perpetrators (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

LEZHA – authors of the assassination last night in Lezha, who fired from a car without license plates have not yet been identified. The assassination was carried out on 23-year-old Kristjan Mark, who could More...

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The names of pharmacists who receive professional license (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Order of Pharmacists has prepared this week to practice certificates for all professionals that meet the criteria of recertification. The newspaper publishes the names of persons who have previously applied to the More...

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