Protests against oil price, 5 min cars with engines turned off (Source: Century,

Hundreds of vehicles on the main streets of Tirana are off for 5 minutes around 11:00 in protest against oil price. The same thing happened in other cities of the country. “Shkodra Press” reports that in the northern city were many cars that have turned off their engines in response to a call by the opposition to protest against the high More...

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Greece “rebels”, SYRIZA wins convincingly (Source: Century,

Sunday marked a historic day for Greece, as the radical left coalition SYRIZA’s, won early parliamentary elections. The party led by Alexis Tsipras won convincingly against New Democracy incumbent Prime Minister More...

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Rama TUHC: Testing of doctors is necessary (Source: Century,

Prime Minister Edi Rama met QSUT doctors. In a status in the social network Facebook, Rama writes that the meeting has passed with consensus, and that testing is a necessity in the way doctors and health renaissance. “Meeting More...

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Berisha defends killings of 21 January (Source: Century,

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha accused Rama yesterday Prime guilty to four murders that took place on the boulevard “Martyrs of the Nation”, the afternoon of 21 January 2011. In a television interview, More...

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The strike in Trepca miners 750 meters underground (Source: Top Channel,

Hundreds of Trepca mining miners are trapped 750 meters underground and is fanatically defend largest metallurgical combine which Kosovo. They do not want to Trepca become part of the negotiations, on the contrary, More...

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Rama: nothing but justice does not close January 21. (Source: Top Channel,

Premier Rama through a posting on social networks writes that nothing except justice does not close 21 January. But Rama said that now is the time to move to a new research alternative justice. The Prime Minister, More...

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Marjan Gryka: Berisha met at St. Naum with Milosevic (Source:,

Marjan Gorge, former bodyguard of December Azem Hajdari leader and president of the association of the same name, in an interview for “” states that John has the right Jalil while accusing More...

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Meta holds speech at the Macedonian Parliament: Keep ‘Ohrid’ (Source:,

Assembly Speaker Ilir Meta requested from Macedonia full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, for a better coexistence in this vend.Gjatë a speech in the Parliament of Macedonia, Meta said “we are willing More...

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The assassination in Durres, the warden: Ma made the task (Source: Century,

A little explosive assassination has endangered the life of the prison warden to Fushe Kruja who received serious injuries. The event took place yesterday morning in the port of Durres when the car in which he was More...

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Execution of brothers Tola Is there a basis in Xibrakë? (Source:,

The killing of two brothers in Rotterdam was commissioned by Albania. This is the main track which even the Dutch police is focused on revealing the massacre of January 15 in Rotterdam. A few days after the murder More...

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