Assembly approves territorial reform (Source: SMI,

Assembly approves territorial reform At the direction of the President of the Assembly, Mr.. Ilir Meta, closed the proceedings of the Assembly session II, VIII parliamentary Legislature and approved a package of bills is very important. Regarding the draft law “On approval of the national security strategy of the Republic of Albania” Minister More...

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F / police law, Tahiri: decisive step to depoliticize State Police (Source:,

During discussion of the bill in the Assembly of the State Police, Interior Minister Samir Tahiri said that the new law will be a crucial step for the clinical determination of distance between politics and the More...

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Assembly today in the final plenary session, the discussion of the HCJ laws, police, Territory (Source:,

Albanian Parliament will meet today at 10:00 which will examine some important draft laws, which have become a source of discussion and debate not only among opposition groups, but also within the ruling coalition More...

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Supervjedhja in Banking, fullani reports of ‘economy’, Brace: Zero tolerance against those responsible (Source: Journal-English,

Head of Erion Brace Economy Commission said today that should zero tolerance for anyone, from first to last that has responsibility for the largest scandal of recent years in our country, it’s 7 billion theft More...

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“They stole 713 million” (Source: Top Channel,

Bank of Albania stated that ripped amount is 713 million, of which 143 million drawn from circulation to be destroyed. The official announcement was made on the evening of the Supervisory Council of the Bank at More...

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Theft of treasury BoA, fullani orders establishment of two committees of inquiry (Source:,

Probes for the special case of economic crime, the theft of six million dollars from the Bank of Albania. Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ardian Fullani, has ordered the establishment of two committees to identify More...

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Security Committee: Guard will not melt (Source: Century,

At today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Security Committee decided that the Guard of the Republic of Albania will not melt. 10 MPs decided “for” approval of Draft Guard mosshkrirjen, while only More...

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Prosecution: We will ask Ardian Fullani and senior BoA (Source: Journal-English,

“Under investigation is taken and the director of the Treasury, relative to the Governor” Responsibility can also go to the officials of the Bank of Albania Audit, which found no theft of four years Supervjedhjes More...

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Pyro convince Kokëdhima Dhimën territorial reform: Your plan is beautiful (Source: Century,

Socialist Party deputy district of Vlora, Koco Kokëdhima held a meeting with Dhimën Piro, former Albanian weightlifter known today PASOK deputy in the Greek parliament. Dimas said during the meeting with Kokëdhimën, More...

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Zaho comes to life, the child of the couple as Prime Minister Rama (Source:,

Zaho comes to life, the child of the couple as Prime Minister Rama TIRANA – has come to be the couple’s first child as Prime Minister. Prime posttim Rama in a social network Twitter writes: “Linda More...

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