Kukan: Political dialogue important for the EU (Source: Century, www.shekulli.com.al)

Today expected to lead to the resolution of the impasse between the opposition and the majority, with the visit of MEP Eduard Kukan. After 5 months of opposition boycott, where two political forces have made no attempt to negotiate among themselves, but debates in the distance, MEP Kukan was elected by the opposition as the only solution. Kukan first More...

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Fleckenstein: Optimist, the opposition in Parliament returns next week (Source: Shqiptarja.com, shqiptarja.com)

European Parliament MEP Knut Fleckenstein seems to have achieved its mission in Tirana to “reconcile” the government with the opposition and to break the Democrats’ parliamentary boycott start More...

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Arvizu reveals: US visas for Albanians will become 3-year (Source: Journal-English, www.gazeta-shqip.com)

During a television interview this evening at Top Channel, a few days before departure after ceasing Diplomatic from Albania, US Ambassador Alexander Arvizu gave his last interview. He has found a good news for More...

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Territorial Meta destructive opposition is shown, Basha has to regain favor Tirana (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Assembly Speaker Ilir Meta has announced the Mayor of Tirana and leader of the opposition, Basha, that no one prevents them regain Tirana in the upcoming local elections, but he is favored to regain it after the More...

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Terrorist attack in Australia held hostage 35 people in the cafeteria Author: Unzip the flag of ISIS, have 4 bombs (Source: Shqiptarja.com, shqiptarja.com)

SYDNEY – A potential terrorist attack has shocked Australia today. Under kërkcënimin arms, a still unidentified person has been kidnapped about 35 people in a cafe in Sydney. According to international media More...

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Opposition end boycott, on December 24th all in Parliament (Source: Shqiptarja.com, shqiptarja.com)

Rama: Almost opposition did everything back. Leader of the Opposition, Basha: “OK” EP mediation TIRANA Top Democrat Basha, has already accepted the mediation of representatives of the European Parliament More...

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Boycott Parliament, Basha: The ball of left field, I hope the reflection (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Democratic Party Chairman Basha allies and members gathered today at a meeting where the main topic of discussion was the boycott in Parliament. After meeting with allies, Basha said that DP boycott achieved its More...

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DP convince Brussels to return to Parliament (Source: Century, www.shekulli.com.al)

Representatives of European diplomacy after lengthy negotiations held with the head of the Democratic Party Basha and government chief Edi Rama managed to convince the two leaders of both parties to return to parliament More...

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Sex scandal, the Court of Saranda 2 years imprisonment Kokëdhimës Secretary Agron Cane (Source: Balkanweb, www.balkanweb.com)

Saranda Saranda Court has given today’s decision Agron Cane, office worker SP MP Kokëdhima Koco, who is accused of sexual molestation and unlawful impact exercise, following the publication of a video scandal More...

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Constitutional Court started reviewing the lawsuit for the new territorial division (Source: Top Channel, www.top-Channel.tv)

The Constitutional Court began this Tuesday examination of the opposition to topple the law on territorial. Democrats said first group of judges that the law violates at least five principles of the Constitution. More...

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