Statements: assets whitened businessmen deputies PM, PS, PR SMI (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets publishes the income and expenses of 14 Assembly members come from business. After filing their annual finances on the election of the month and periodic declaration, newspapers ‘Panorama’ publishes summarized estate investments on land, bank accounts and expenses of MPs. Flashy More...

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Hassle for the post of chairman of the Democratic Party in Durres, Basha calms the situation (Source:,

Two Democratic Party candidates clashed badly among one another in terms of the position of mayor in the city of Durres, degenerate into physical attack with fists. Shortly afterwards, the chairman of DP Basha was More...

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Search for oil, Greece: We will not create problems with Albania (Source: Journal-English,

The question of returning to Greece to look for oil in the Ionian Sea, a topic not become less important in the neighboring country. Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Konstantinos Koutras, More...

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Berisha returned to the Assembly with offensive words, the deputies left the Assembly hall (Source:,

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has returned to Parliament after exclusion of 10 days. In his speech, Berisha mentioned again the words for which he was excluded, but this time there was no response. Earlier, More...

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The killing of Santos, Topalli: PM silent, majority speaks for hunting pigs (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-Assembly opened today’s plenary session debate on omissions in the agenda of the Committee of Inquiry on the issue of taxes server. After approving the minutes of the opposition MPs demanded Vangel More...

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The killing of Santos, special forces and controls multiple checkpoints in Fushe-Red (Source: Journal-English,

Police have this morning launched a vast surrounding area Kuqe Field, where the authors trace lost suspected murder of banker Artan Santo 1 week ago. RENEA multiple forces, aided by police enforcement and road it More...

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‘Aircraft’, revealed the name of the agent of the police in drug trafficking (Source:,

TIRANA – Unearthed former name of the police officer who was involved in drug trafficking by air from the beach Divjaka to Italy. Ex-agent ICS in Gjirokastra and former anti-drug agent Mariglen Ymeraj Fier, More...

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Asked the Colombian cell of 250 kilograms of cocaine: Will transfer the millions of euros in Spain (Source: Journal-English,

3 main tracks 1. Trading Center – Landing the first investigation was the involvement of Mr. Santo in a hotel-tourism business in Kosovo, where there was some disagreement 2. Suspicious transfers – Prosecution More...

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Tahiri: The police will shoot only in danger, Lazarati showed us the importance of disarmament (Source:,

Interior Minister Samir Tahiri today introduced two draft Law Commission’s package of public safety and the use of firearms. Tahiri said that would set strict rules regarding arming. “State police should More...

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Arben Frroku repulsed trial: Gangs are killing businessmen on the road (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA, has started today in the Serious Crimes Court hearings to Arben Frroku businessman, accused of killing Dritan Lamaj kryekomisarit. In today’s session Frroku expected to face in court with eye witness More...

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