“Gazzetta dello Sport”: Etrit Berisha, ‘killer’ silent! (Source: World Today, www.botasot.com)

Between the Covers faces Atalanta “flying” is a surprise, it’s Fathers Berisha, that booking last-minute, which was not understood by all. Victory against Inter was his. In a match that, for more than a game was seen as a spectator without a ticket, he did not hesitate to make some magical anticipation, when he was called to appeal. Fathers More...

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Partizani-Skënderbeu , clash for the title will be played in Elbasan (Source: Top Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

The main challenge of week 9 in Superliga, direct title clash between Partizan and Skanderbeg, will take place in “Elbasan Arena”. Football Federation formalized the place where they played 90 minutes More...

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10 things you did not know about Hitler (Source: Albeu, www.albeu.com)

When you mention the name of the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler and the facts, you think you know everything and nothing escapes you seen and heard? No, here you have 10 other facts that probably have not known before More...

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Pablo Picasso, Ten interesting Facts (Source: Gazeta Express, www.gazetaexpress.com)

On October 25, 1881 born Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor (died in 1973). Picasso, Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp considered three artists who with their original ways in plastic arts in the early decades More...

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Appeals Decision “Drenica 1 of 2” collects Assembly session on Kosovo (Source: Gazeta Express, www.gazetaexpress.com)

Appeals decision to affirm the conviction of former KLA members in both cases “Teddy” “expected t`i collect a tremendous debate of the Assembly deputies. PDK MPs have collected signatures to demand More...

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Budget revenues.19 billion more than 2015

For the period January-September the government collected 298.1 billion revenue in the budget. Official data from the Ministry of Finance show that compared with the same period a year ago, revenues increased by More...

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“Doing Business”, Albania improved by 32 countries (Source: Top Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

The World Bank declared that Albania has made great strides in improving the business climate. In the report “Doing Business 2017”, the bank reported that Albania’s ranking improved by 32 positions More...

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Stocks anti cannabis, extermination and numerous arrests (Source: Top Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

Stocks anti cannabis spread throughout the territory of Albania has led to the capture and destruction of large quantities of cannabis and would also have led to numerous arrests of persons caught in the act. –Gjatë More...

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The salaries of the guards, to equal application of the State Police (Source: Top Channel, www.top-channel.tv)

The government’s decision to increase the salaries of police officers in January was followed closely by the Prisons Department. According to this institution, this growth should include the salaries of prison More...

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Manjani: Notarial acts from Europe to China should be the same (Source: Noa, www.noa.al)

Minister of Justice, Mr. Manjani star has hosted a high-level delegation, with representatives of the Polish National Chamber of Notaries. The delegation, which has developed a multi-day visit in the context of More...

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