Sokol Koçiu: Dritan Dajtit have made ​​injections in jail, court to appoint a lawyer (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-protection strategy Dajtit Dritan, author of the massacre of August 7, 2009 in Durres, where they were killed four police officers seem to be going too far. Koçiu Sokol, executive director of the Bureau for the Protection of Prisoners illegal qualifies for accompanying court order Dritan Dajtit in plenary, at a time when he has a lawyer yet. More...

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Doshi against Tahiri: political appointments to the police, fled tropojanja came tepelenasit (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – Socialist Party MP, yesterday lambasted Doshi Interior Minister, Samir Tahiri about appointments, according to its policy in the State Police. Doshi accused Tahir that has been named director of blue More...

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Territorial Çuçi: Project division with 61 municipalities, ready for Assembly vote (Source:,

Minister for Local Matters, Bled Çuçi stated that the Council of Ministers is ready to send to the Assembly for final draft of the new territorial division. The Minister said that the project for the new territorial More...

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Fern, 73-year-old cut off family (Source: Top Channel,

A tragedy has shocked Tuesday morning Fier Suk village, where a whole family was slaughtered by one of its members. The news comes from local police sources, according to which the offender has a shotgun killed More...

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Isa Mustafa, the new head of Parliament (Source: Top Channel,

Chairman of LDK, Isa Mustafa was elected Thursday chairman of the Assembly in constitutive session called by President Atifete Jahjaga. Mustafa was voted by 65 votes in favor of the LDK, AAK, initiative and minorities, More...

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Arben Isufaj, under house arrest (Source: Top Channel,

Arben Isufaj, known as Ben hair is left this morning with detention “house arrest”. He was arrested a few months ago, for Again and again because it is required by the Italian state, which is sentenced More...

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Tension in the inaugural session proposed for chairman Mustafa (Source:,

PRISTINA, has started the inaugural session of the Assembly in the legislature on V. Once the session started immediately in the pulpit has come Vjosa MP Osman. But the oldest MP this legislature, Flora Brovina More...

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Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta received the new Ambassador of Brazil in Albania, Mr.. Frantz José Jorge Ramos (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta received the new Ambassador of Brazil in Albania, Mr.. Jorge José Ramos Frantz   Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta received the new Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Brazil, More...

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John geneva-Rama: Internationals me know that I have been aware of your attack (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-Appeal Judge, sex date John publicly reacted to statements made by Prime Minister Rama on his behalf, while the head of government expressed by these statements confirmed political attack against him. Considering More...

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Kodheli: Army, not the tool of the ruling party (Source:,

In the analysis of 300 days of work of the Ministry of Defence, the Minister expressed satisfaction Kodheli for its achievements in magnifying the image and integrity of the Armed Forces, to increase transparency, More...

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