Albanian group caught with over 3 tons of cocaine and 43 thousand euros (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

A criminal group dealing with trafficking of cocaine in Greece is captured today by police in Athens. Four members of the group, three Albanians and one Greek were arrested, while two other Albanians were declared wanted. Albanians arrested are aged between 34 and 32 years and for a female 27 years old, while the Greek citizen is 52 years. Their arrest More...

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Dealing with hidden cameras, the teacher: Why hast parents? (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Divjak – A school teacher 9-year Kryekuq Divjaka village was arrested by police after alleged sexual relations with a minor and abuse of office. 62-year-old Demir Hoxha, according to preliminary investigations More...

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Mathematics, behold thesis examination (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

On June 9, 46 thousand high school students to give exam and also third on the second exam required, the outcome of which enters the formula for the calculation of points. Mathematics, considered the most difficult More...

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“Albania to fear from Greece” (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Serbia is not a problem for Albania. In its place should be concerned about Greece in terms of its path towards the European Union. So writes the German daily “Der Standard” in terms of the recent tensions More...

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Graduates, insecurity and fear of closure of studies exams (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Anxiety is a faithful companion of graduates in this period, although exams difficulties experienced not as hard as the first time. However, they are given only a stress test and situation is somewhat present. With More...

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Tirana Summit, “barrel” of stability in the Balkans (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

A friendly welcome at the doors of the Palace of Congresses by Prime Minister Edi Rama, but the Foreign Minister and he Bushati Ditmir Economy, Arben Ahmetaj, was the launch of the Economic Forum held yesterday More...

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Tirana, massacre killed three and wounded a boulevard “Zog I” (Source: NOA,

Three people were killed today afternoon in downtown Tirana Boulevard “Zogu I”, and a fourth, an Italian citizen, has remained injured. Victims of crime are young people from Lura three Dibra, Mentor More...

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Vucic: I extend a hand to the Albanian people. Rama: It aims enlargements at the expense of anyone (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Tirana – Serbia’s prime minister, Aleksandar Vucic became the first head of the Serbian government that stepped on Albanian soil. About 11:00, we arrived Vucic Rinas, the first official visit of a Serbian More...

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Visit Vucic, is sealed Tirana (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Travel Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Bangladesh, the first visit by a head of the Serbian government, maximizing the security measures taken by law enforcement. A total of about 1,310 police forces More...

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Albanian Post receives international award for “Quality, Excellence and Business Prestige” in New York (Source: SMI,

Albanian Post receives international award for “Quality, Excellence and Business Prestige” at the International Quality Summit in New York. Lazimi: Price, a major motivation for the Albanian Post to More...

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