Derby draw in Tirana, Skanderbeg one step away Trophy (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

It ended in a draw 2-2 derby between Partizan Tirana and Tirana. There was a real spectacle evening meeting held today at “Qemal Stafa”. Elis Bakaj was the author of two goals scored in Tirana, while the “Red Bulls” scored Mazrekaj and Fazlli. Blues took the lead first in the 34th minute. This equation does not favor any of the More...

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Headscarf ban in “Wushu” is opposed by the Turkish Federation (Source: Shqiptarja,

Chief Executive of the Turkish Wushu Federation and member of the Board of the World Wushu Federation, Abdurrahman Akyüz said he would not participate in any activity of the European Federation, reports Anadolu More...

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The drawing shown generous with Real, Barca ritakon Bayern (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Barcelona – Bayern Munich and Juventus – Real Madrid will be two semifinals of the Champions League. The lot fell noon today ndë Nion, Switzerland, and the spheres were attracted by the General Secretary More...

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Bayern qualifies goleadë against Porto, Barcelona easily defeats PSG (Source: Top Channel,

Bayern qualifies goleadë against Porto, Barcelona Bayern Munich PSG- easily defeats and Barcelona are the two teams Champions League semi-finalists. The Bavarians of Pep Guardiola’s terrific showed destroying More...

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Armando Duke: Serbia-Albania match will not riluhet, victory belongs to us. Platini is not guilty, helped us (Source: Gazeta Tema,

President of the Albanian Football Federation Armando Duke gave a long explanation for “Time Scanner” after hearing that was held a few days ago in Lausanne, Switzerland. According to him, “the More...

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“Judgment Day”, launched marathon sessions in CAS (Source: Gazeta Tema,

The great day of judgment for the October 14 match between Serbia and Albania began in the early hours of the morning, with the Albanian delegation addressed Lausanne to seek the right to miss the UEFA bodies in More...

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In CSA for 3 points, Serbia and Albania resume legal battle (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Today begins the last act of judgment of what happened in Belgrade on October 14 between Serbia and Albania in European Championship qualifying match. Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne will hold the first hearing More...

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“Loro Boriçi” appears Plan B (Source: Gazeta Shqip,

Alternative construction project was approved under the initial model Project – Alternative presented to the Prime Minister Rama was adhering to the original plan of reconstruction of the stadium in the 80s, More...

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Lorik Cana witness in KAS: We want three points, we do not reduce head (Source: Top Channel,

Lorik Cana witness in KAS: We want three points, we do not reduce stubborn Today begins the last act of justice regarding the serious incident occurred in Belgrade on 14 October. Sports Arbitration Court starts More...

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Here’s what awaits De Biasi CAS (Source: Top Channel,

On the eve of the day of the hearing of the Albanian party in the Court of Arbitration Sport in Lausanne (April 17th), our national team coach football, Gianni De Biasi, gave a brief interview to the Italian portal More...

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