Guardiola to removal from Bayern? (Source: Top Channel,

Pep adventure as coach of Bayern Munich is towards the end. During a visit to the Spanish coach made a “fan club” -i Bavarian team in Greding, Spanish spoken in the past by alarmed fans, who demanded guarantees its continuity at the club, but he has not given. “For me it was a big challenge. No matter what happens, I’ve lived More...

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Parmas unpaid taxes Italians concern Taci (Source:,

Debt as regards payment of fees is not a new thing, for Rezart Taci this is a campaign. One such issue lay Italian media after purchasing Parma team that has 64 million euros Italian state unpaid taxes. Media neighboring More...

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Birmingham opposes his victory, the club accused of rigging the game (Source: Top Channel,

“A comedy of embarrassing in a country that has no clear rules game in any area of life. We are dealing with a league which has very questionable “. After the flag that challenged fans biting their team’s More...

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Back SuperLiga, 2015 starts with a Tirana-Apollonia (Source: Top Channel,

After more than one month break, Apolonia restores challenges Tirana-Albania excitement of Super League, which this year, thanks to the rivalry between the teams has become the most beautiful championship these More...

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Minimum victory for Barcelona against Atletico Madrid, Messi sets (Source: Top Channel,

Barcelona took a minimum 1-0 victory against Atletico Madrid in the game that was played Wednesday evening, valid for the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup. Lionel Messi was the author of the only goal of the More...

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New carpet for the National Stadium “Kemal Stafa, to head” (Source: Top Channel,

Has begun laying the carpet National Stadium “Qemal Stafa”, which this season has been sometimes obstacle to the quality of soccer. State of aggravated field which is replaced 8 years ago, forced the More...

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Capital without stadium in Shkodra’s still ‘have launched the works (Source: Ora News,

The Saturday will mark the resumption of and superior category, where rarely in Albania for the title fight 4 teams, but the restart may not be too sweet for two clubs of the capital Tirana and Paphos, this simple More...

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Messi shines with 3 goals in Barca victory against Deportivo (Source: Top Channel,

Leo Messi, player of changing the game with his class, has turned into the best shape reminding us footballer who was only a few years ago. In the game that Barcelona played with Deportivo La Coruna transfer, Argentine More...

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King’s Cup, Torres eliminates Real Madrid with his dygolëshin (Source: Top Channel,

Fernando Torres returns to Spain, to the team that made him famous, Atletico Madrid, but also the goal back after a very long period of infertility, even makes it to rivals Real Madrid, indicating full twice. Atletico More...

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Luis Enrique, chilled with Messi: I did not see the evening gala (Source: Top Channel,

Luis Enrique came at a press conference before the King’s Cup match that Barcelona will play against Elches and faced other questions about Messi, which obviously does not have a good relationship. When asked More...

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