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Wave of bombings in Gaza (Source: Top Channel,

Gaza has experienced one of the most nights with heavy bombing from the air, sea and land, as Israeli Prime Minister warned a long conflict ahead. Israel head about 60 bombings, hitting television and radio stations, More...

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U.S.: Russia violated Missile Treaty (Source: Top Channel,

The U.S. government has accused Russia of violating arms control treaty by testing a nuclear missile. Russia tested a Cruise missile fired from land, violating Treaty signed in 1987 during the Cold War, the U.S. More...

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U.S. plane mistakenly shot separatists! (Source: Journal-English,

Amid tears of the families of the victims and with flags at half mast, dropped yesterday in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, two military aircraft that carried 40 coffins of victims’ bodies Malaysian plane crash More...

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Kiev sue Russian Minister of Defense (Source: Top Channel,

Plane crash investigations “Malasyan Airlines” are at the center of international attention after both Ukraine and Russia continue to accuse each other of assault. But the Ministry of Internal Affairs More...

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Rebels surrender black boxes (Source: Top Channel,

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have delivered the aircraft black boxes ‘Boeing 777′ Malaysian experts. Delivery is made ​​in the city of Donetsk-Regulation by a top leader of the rebels. This More...

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Ukraine raises new allegations against Russia (Source: Top Channel,

Ukraine has filed new charges against Russia, by including it directly in its conflict with the rebels. Kiev said that Moscow was involved in the day’s air attack Tuesday that left 11 people dead. These charges More...

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Israel approves Gaza ceasefire (Source:,

Israel has accepted the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire with Gaza conflict. Israeli security cabinet, convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning, voted to approve the truce, which is expected to More...

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Iran’s nuclear program, no agreement (Source: Top Channel,

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior diplomats Western failed to strike a deal with Iran on Sunday, and the target for long-term sealing the pact was appointed after a week. There was no breakthrough, More...

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Vatican: 2% of the clergy are pedophiles (Source: Top Channel,

Francis Pope first published data, which show that “about 2%” of the Catholic Church clergy are pedophiles. In an interview with Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, the Pope said that child More...

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The war in Gaza, the U.S. intervene (Source: Top Channel,

United States is prepared to mediate a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, said President Barack Obama. His statement was made in a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. More...

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