Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘bota sot’
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Another earthquake in Nepal, shaking rattles ballëshe 7-west of the country (Source: Top Channel,

Another powerful earthquake has shaken western Nepal, about two weeks by the devastating earthquake that took the lives of more than 7 thousand people. The latest quake is located near the city Namçe Bazar, near More...

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France plane crash, the pilot could not return to the cockpit (Source: Century,

French authorities have launched an investigation to analyze the recordings of pilots a few moments before the crash of the German company “Germawings”. American prestigious “New York Times” More...

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Mystery in Russia, Putin did not appear in public since 5 March (Source: Journal-English,

It turned into a mystery in the Russian media and social networks in the public lack of Vladimir Putin. The last time the Russian president has made public, the date was March 5, at a meeting with Italian Prime More...

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7 Marines and four soldiers missing after a military helicopter crash in Florida (Source: Ora News,

7 Marines and four soldiers remain missing Wednesday morning of 11 March, after a military helicopter crash during training at Air Force Base in Florida. Officials said the Marines are part of Camp Lejeune, special More...

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ISIS uses juvenile executions (Source: Top Channel,

For executions, ISIS-of now uses the minor children. In the latest video on the web by violent militant extremist group shows a small boy to a twelfth how firing a firearm an Arab-Israeli prisoners. The victim, More...

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US: Protection, “dangerous abyss” between us and the EU (Source: Journal-English,

Distance is often spoken in American and European attitudes on a range of issues, but this time they seem to have become stronger and more concrete, open and very clear. Yesterday, Samantha Power, head of US diplomacy More...

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The case of “Ruby”, the Court of Cassation in Italy confirmed the acquittal for Berlusconi (Source: Top Channel,

The Court of Cassation in Italy upheld the acquittal, which becomes final, the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. After more than 9 hours in a closed session, the More...

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America announces Venezuela national risk (Source: Century,

The White House has declared the Venezuelan state as a national threat and ordered the deployment of political and economic sanctions against seven senior South American country. It has come through a decree issued More...

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US lawmakers urge Obama arms shipments to Ukraine (Source: Top Channel,

Republican and Democratic leaders have called on the President of the United States to send heavy weaponry in Ukraine, in its fight against the rebels pro-Russian. In bipartisan letter signed by 11 lawmakers, said More...

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Emwazi, the profile of IT workers who became “butcher” of the Islamic State (Source: Top Channel,

Mohammed Emwazi, Briton identified as executor of the Islamic State or “jihadist John”, was once one of the most prominent sellers of a Kuwaiti company-profile IT-art, writes “Guardian”, More...

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