Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘bota sot’
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Sweden: Everything brought to the surface to “foreign submarine” (Source: Top-Channel,

Sweden does not want to confirm exactly that is looking for a foreign submarine in its territorial waters, but, if you find something that will not liked there, is ready to do everything necessary to compel him More...

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Video / Syria, ISIS executes stone a woman for adultery (Source:,

Another shocking new video is published by Islamic extremists ISIS. The images show a woman who is shot to death by stoning after being accused of adultery. She prays for forgiveness from her father, who quietly More...

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Milan, Putin Poroshenko, still serious differences (Source: Top-Channel,

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko met with a group of leaders of the EU during the Friday, but there were very few signs of progress in reaching a permanent ceasefire in East More...

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Tbilisi: Russia is attempting to annex the Abkhazia (Source: Journal-English,

Georgian officials in Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic of the Caucasus, have recently expressed their deep concern over a proposal by the Kremlin to create a joint armed force of Russian and pro-Russian More...

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The secret of Iraqi chemical weapons (Source: Top-Channel,

American troops found chemical weapons in Iraq after the 2003 invasion of shit, but the Pentagon kept secret. Was a single reason: arsenal does not justify claims of former President George W. Bush on a program More...

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Referendum from Spain, Catalonia cancels plans for November 9 (Source:,

Government of Catalonia has dropped plans to hold a referendum on independence from Spain, which was scheduled for November 9. Catalonia President Artur Mas announced the cancellation of the referendum, which is More...

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Turkey allows the United States to use its bases (Source: Top-Channel,

Turkey has accepted the United States to use its airbases in the campaign against militants ISIS’s. The news was announced by the National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. Rice said the United States welcomes More...

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ISIS: Bondage women legitimized by Islam (Source: Century,

ISIS Group justifies terrorist kidnapping of women, as a legitimate act of Islamic theology, an interpretation rejected by the Muslim world in general, which describes a distortion of religion. “We must remember More...

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Tension in Turkey, killed two policemen (Source: Top-Channel,

Even during the day Thursday in Turkey tensions were high. Two policemen were killed and another was wounded in an attack in the eastern province of Bingol, television has reported “CNN Turk”. The policemen More...

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Localized jihadist John (Source: Top-Channel,

It is learned that the location of the perpetrator of foreign hostages by Islamic State is identified by unmanned aircraft model “River”, who fly over Syrian Raqqa city. It is about the so-called jihadist More...

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