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Storm “historic” snowstorm in the US (Source: Top Channel,

North-east of the United States prepares for a historic snow storm, as they call the American media. At least for New York, as claimed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, may be the largest ever slamming on the town, to the More...

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Official: Greece has a government. Syriza coalition with Independent Greeks (Source: Ora News, www.ora

10:41 pm Official: Greece has a government. Syrizës reached between the coalition and independent Greeks. In less than an hour talks between Panos Kommenos, leader of the “Independent Greeks” came from More...

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Dies King of Saudi Arabia (Source: Top Channel,

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died at the age of 90-years, the news has been confirmed by the Saudi state television. Since December he remained hospitalized after suffering from a lung infection. Abdullah More...

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Agreement reached for the removal of heavy weapons from east of Ukraine (Source: Ora News,

The talks on the crisis in Ukraine, which ended last night in Berlin, have resulted in the achievement of an agreement for the removal of heavy weapons from the East of Ukraine. German foreign minister Frank-Walter More...

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Obama’s annual address: Time to “turn the page”, to help the middle class (Source: Top Channel,

US President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union, which for him was the sixth, which focused on the economy, promising policies that could benefit all Americans. “The shadow of the crisis More...

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Political Earthquake threatens Europe? (Source: Top Channel,

A genuine political earthquake can shake Europe in 2015, suggests a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit BBC. The study notes that the rise in popularity among populist parties can lead to victory More...

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Police operation in Belgium, two jihadists killed and one wounded. Amedy about COULIBALY (Source: Journal-English,

Two people were killed by police during a flash action against a group of jihadists, and who will prepare for the attack in Brussels. Three jihadists say that I have had about Amedy COULIBALY, the terrorist who More...

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George H.W. Bush to hospital with breathing problems (Source: Balkanweb,

Former US President George HW Bush, was sent to a hospital in Houston, Texas, after displaying health problems. His spokesman, Jim McGrath, has announced through a statement, the 90-year-old was sent to the hospital More...

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Bethlehem, grandad Palestinians clash with Israeli grandad (Source:,

Dozens of Palestinian protesters, some of them dressed as Santa Claus, clashed with Israeli security forces in Bethlehem, a day ahead of Christmas celebrations in the West Bank, known as the birthplace of Jesus. Demonstrators More...

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Syria’s ISIL fuel is three times cheaper than the refineries Assad (Source:,

Fuel coming from Syrian regions controlled by terrorist organizations is doubly and triply ISIL freer from refineries controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which has led to high demand for fuel in the More...

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