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Putin will start a world war? (Source:,

It is said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened during a private conversation that will invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. According to the German daily, the threat was made during a telephone More...

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Scotland said “NO” independence (Source: Top-Channel,

Scotland has voted to stay in the UK after voters rejected independence convincingly in Thursday’s referendum. With 31 of the 32 municipal areas that have counted the ballots after Thursday’s process, More...

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ISIS, the richest terrorist group (Source: Top-Channel,

Robbery, diesel, but archaeological discoveries. ISIS has a setup that leaves it in the shade thanks to Al Qaeda recruit 30,000 loyal fighters in the Middle East, Europe and Africa controls a territory inhabited More...

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Place of MPs in parliament is … but sometimes it happens so (Source: Top-Channel,

The mock citizen’s lives is never a smart decision for a legislator and sooner or later “will take the rest.” The crowd at the entrance to the Ukrainian parliament building turned into a waste More...

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Merkel: Jews in Germany, national treasure (Top Channel,

“The fight against anti-Semitism is national and civic duty,” said Angela Merkel in protest held in front of the Brandenburg Gate on “Never again hatred of Jews”; a rally held 75 years after More...

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Obama authorizes air strikes in Syria (Source: Top-Channel,

United States President Barack Obama during a speech to the White House vowed to destroy the Islamic State (IS), authorizing the air strikes for the first time in Syria. Obama’s decision to undertake air strikes More...

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Approved contracts for oil exploration, the Albanian area (Source:,

Between Greece and by majority vote of the Parliamentary Committee Production and Trade has approved three contracts by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, research development and utilization More...

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Australia surfer killed by a white shark (Source: Journal-English,

A surfer nearly 50 years, has died before his wife’s eyes after shark attack a few meters from a beach populated in Bryon Bay, tourist site in the North of Sydney in Australia. Two coast guard off duty, risking More...

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Scotland, will win a historic referendum on independence? (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-historic referendum on Scottish independence will be held on September 18. Popular consultation will be based on the direct question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”, Which should More...

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President Obama to Britain for the NATO summit (Source: Balkanweb,

President Barack Obama is in Britain to attend a two-day meeting of NATO, which is expected to focus on the conflict in Ukraine and to the threat of Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq. Obama arrived Wednesday More...

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