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Arben Dashi commanded director of Tirana police Çipa for specialization in the U.S. (Source: Journal-English,

Arben Dashi is command post of director s Tirana district police director instead of the current chipsets Ardian who start a specialization in the United States. The news is confirmed by official sources state police. More...

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Reform saves $ 60 million per year (Source: Top Channel,

While territorial reform debate has focused only on affiliation of municipalities and municipalities with the new map, little has been said about its economic benefits. By reducing local units, the roughly 400 such More...

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Rama: Education, not worthless diplomas industry (Source:,

In the analysis of 300 days of Ministry of Education and Sports, said the prime minister Rama these 300 days were enough to evaluate teachers on the basis of their contribution to education and not their relationship More...

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Supervjedhja in Banking, fullani reports of ‘economy’, Brace: Zero tolerance against those responsible (Source: Journal-English,

Head of Erion Brace Economy Commission said today that should zero tolerance for anyone, from first to last that has responsibility for the largest scandal of recent years in our country, it’s 7 billion theft More...

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Steamed ravioli with meat (Source: Ikub,

ingredients: * 500 gr flour * 7 tablespoons sugar * 7 tablespoons of yeast * 200 gr milk * 750 grams of boiled meat * 700 grams of smoked sausage of minced * 700 gr soft mushrooms * 7 Onion * 7 core garlic * 50 More...

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Leaps of joy, lost both legs by the explosion of a bomb, Julian walks again (Source: Balkanweb,

Julian Cela U.S. is taking the first steps with prosthetic legs, just months after losing both limbs of the outbreak of February 26 this year during an assassination attempt in road Budi in Tirana. After five months, More...

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5 facts about Apple that will surprise you (Source:,

We present five facts about Apples revenue, which will leave you with “open mouth”: 1.Nëse Iphone would be a separate company, it would be larger than the “McDonalds” and “Coca Cola” More...

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“Hiroshima”, divided by life member of the crew (Source: Top Channel,

Theodore Van Kirk, the last member of the American air crew who unleashed the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, which was still alive, has passed away in Florida to the United States at the age of 93. Van Kirk was 24 when More...

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Even Minister in dock for organ trafficking? (Source:,

In the Belgrade media report that among those accused of war crimes after Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, will be the 10 other members of the KLA. According to sources from the Serbian government, the new trial for More...

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Economic assistance, online, excludes 1,200 families (Source: Journal-English,

About 1200 families are excluded from economic aid in Elbasan and hundreds of other cities and municipalities in this county is. The head of the City of Manchester during the City Council meeting, said the local More...

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