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Start downloading the Elivar Golem (Source: Top-Channel,

Through a majority vote of the members of the Economic Commission mandated the President Erion Brace Conference of Mayors to seek to initiate proceedings for dismissal of the inspector general of the Bank of Albania. The More...

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Blocking projects Municipality, Rama Basha challenge in the debate: Talk face to face (Source: Journal-English,

Tirana Mayor simultaneously Democratic Party, Basha has today expressed readiness to face with Prime Minister Rama in a televised debate face to face, in the center of which is blocking his head by the government More...

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Brace: Download Elivar Golem. Former inspector: Supervisory Council has failed (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA head of the Commission for Economic, Erion Brace has today requested the dismissal of the General Inspector of the Bank of Albania, Golem Elivar after refusing to appear for two days in this committee, to More...

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Shishqebap sweet potatoes (Source: Living,

Ingredients for 6 persons: -500g Filet mignon, -500g Chicken fillet, -2 Peppers, -2 Dried onion - 1kg potatoes tëkuqe, - Olive oil, -mustardë, white vinegar Preparation: We expect the meat in 5-7 cubic cm, in More...

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Tea, magic fluid that keeps away early death (Source: Ikub,

A study shows that tea consumption reduces by 24 percent the risk of death from causes unrelated to the heart compared with those who drank no tea. Experts say that tea is better than coffee, since coffee consumers More...

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Stealing the BOA, Golem commission refuses again, Brace starts unloading procedures (Source:,

After yesterday’s rejection of reporting to the Commission of Economy, Inspector General of the Bank of Albania, Elivar Golem, the commission rejected again today, to give her testimony in connection with More...

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Two new smartphones Samsung Regulation (VIDEO) (Source:,

Korean electronics giant has unveiled at an event in New York two smartphones (Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge) and a watch (Gear S). Samsung Executive Director, Gregory Lee says the company wants to “change what More...

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President Obama to Britain for the NATO summit (Source: Balkanweb,

President Barack Obama is in Britain to attend a two-day meeting of NATO, which is expected to focus on the conflict in Ukraine and to the threat of Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq. Obama arrived Wednesday More...

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Miners will retire 55 years, Veliaj: We held the promise (Source: Journal-English,

Lower age of retirement beneficiaries from 60 to 55 years of workers who have worked in underground mines. The government approved in its meeting draft “pensions of employees who worked in the mines, underground”, More...

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IMMOBIL-Giovinco, Italy’s midfield duo Netherlands (Source: Top-Channel,

Counties Antonio will make his debut as coach of the Italian representative with the friendly match against the Netherlands which will be played on Thursday. Former Juventus technician has already clear idea for More...

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