Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘Julian Sinanaj’
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Anthony Mëhillaj admits killing ordered Sokol Veizi in Vlora (Source:,

TIRANA – mediator paid killers , Anthony Mëhillaj admits a crime . The vetëdorëzuar in Vlora police on February 13 , Andon Mëhillaj charged as one of the mediators with a variety of crimes committed by More...

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Sinanaj: Pyro Baren will kill with C4 explosives and gasoline (Source:,

TIRANA – Gasoline and explosive gas boss murder Pyro Bars . This was Julian Sinanaj plan , paid killers who had taken over the cut off for 150 thousand euros businessman ” Romano Port ” . In his More...

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Mëhillajt prison custody lawyer Anthony: There are mental problems (Source:,

Anthony Mëhillajt prison custody , who along with Genis Mëhillaj , according to two of the contrite Julian Gjokonës Sinanaj and lighting , are the people who pay for the murders porosinin and paid . In the Serious More...

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Anthony delivered Mëhillaj: I do not have Sinanaj killings (Source:,

Turn himself in to police in Vlora Anthony Mëhillaj , suspected as one of the mediators with a series of crimes committed by Julian charge Sinanaj . The news was announced initially by journalist A1 Report Armand More...

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Assassin paid, over 100 thousand euros in bank transfers and agencies (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – The newspaper ” Panorama ” writes today that significant financial sums are circulated to banks and transfer agencies by Julian Sinanaj , 30 – year-old murder suspect paid . Sources More...

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Interpol: Mëhillajt in the list of terrorists (Source: Century,

Interpol has included two cousins ​​Mëhillaj the list of most wanted persons . Andon and Genis Mëhillaj are wanted by the Albanian justice after being involved in killings and assassinations with TNT organized More...

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Julian Sinanaj, assassinations journal killings (Source: Top Channel,

During the arrest of Julian Sinanaj , police seized as evidence material and a personal journal paid killers . Learned that 31 – year-old had recorded some of the criminal activities that he carried out in More...

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Sinanaj testimony “swamp” businessman who allegedly ordered Pirro execute Baren (Source: Journal-English,

Businessman hydrocarbons , Ilir Krchin , threatens more than 10 years in prison after prosecutors began investigating , along with the offense of providing the means to commit murder , and to participate in structured More...

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Mother of fisherman: How my son killed Sinanaj to be rewarded with an apartment (Source: Balkanweb,

Vlore – mother Veizi Sokol , fisherman killed on 25 August 2012 by Julian Orikum Sinanaj , has experienced as a second murder statement ” paid assassins ” who confessed to the crime a few days More...

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“To Vima”: Sinanaj claims 27 murders: and I put the bomb in Court, ordered a politician (Source: Balkan,

“I’ve done 27 murders in Albania , Italy and Greece , where I have lived since 14 years . Blasts I took part in the court of Thessaloniki in May 2010, pursuant to an order that gave me the member of More...

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