Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘Julian Sinanaj’
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Court hearing postponed for “TNT Band” (Source: Century,

Serious Crimes Court today adjourned the hearing in the seven defendants charged the so-called “gang of TNT”, who weigh over 38 charges. Cause of the delay was the lack of Mëhillaj Genis lawyer. The More...

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Sinanaj: I was drunk when I shot businessman A.Ç, the day of the funeral I went to the palace (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – gunpoint, Julian Sinanaj, described as a hit man, beat EM, which will sit in the iron cage on 20 November. Before Serious Crimes prosecutors, he confesses flaws relationship with EM and allegations More...

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Paid assassin, Sinanaj: I did not like criminal group, but for my account (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – Completely quiet, Julian Sinanaj, described as “Killer fee”, has confirmed the Serious Crimes prosecutors that businessmen executions performed merely for money. Under heavy security, More...

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“Band of TNT”, the penitent Lighting Gjokona bed sets fire in cell (Source: Journal-English,

Associate Justice Gjokona Lighting has set fire to his bed day in the detention cell “Jordan Misja” 313. Causes are unknown although Gjokona take this act. According to police, he is in good health, More...

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Anthony Mëhillaj admits killing ordered Sokol Veizi in Vlora (Source:,

TIRANA – mediator paid killers , Anthony Mëhillaj admits a crime . The vetëdorëzuar in Vlora police on February 13 , Andon Mëhillaj charged as one of the mediators with a variety of crimes committed by More...

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Sinanaj: Pyro Baren will kill with C4 explosives and gasoline (Source:,

TIRANA – Gasoline and explosive gas boss murder Pyro Bars . This was Julian Sinanaj plan , paid killers who had taken over the cut off for 150 thousand euros businessman ” Romano Port ” . In his More...

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Mëhillajt prison custody lawyer Anthony: There are mental problems (Source:,

Anthony Mëhillajt prison custody , who along with Genis Mëhillaj , according to two of the contrite Julian Gjokonës Sinanaj and lighting , are the people who pay for the murders porosinin and paid . In the Serious More...

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Anthony delivered Mëhillaj: I do not have Sinanaj killings (Source:,

Turn himself in to police in Vlora Anthony Mëhillaj , suspected as one of the mediators with a series of crimes committed by Julian charge Sinanaj . The news was announced initially by journalist A1 Report Armand More...

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Assassin paid, over 100 thousand euros in bank transfers and agencies (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – The newspaper ” Panorama ” writes today that significant financial sums are circulated to banks and transfer agencies by Julian Sinanaj , 30 – year-old murder suspect paid . Sources More...

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Interpol: Mëhillajt in the list of terrorists (Source: Century,

Interpol has included two cousins ​​Mëhillaj the list of most wanted persons . Andon and Genis Mëhillaj are wanted by the Albanian justice after being involved in killings and assassinations with TNT organized More...

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