Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘kuriozitete’
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Mystery of Planet 9 (Source: Top Channel,

 A large planet near our solar system can cause a shaking him, according to scientists. Nine planet (Planet 9) of unproved hypothesized but still at the end of our galaxy, and may be responsible for an unusual More...

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Robot World 2016 conference (Source: Top Channel,

Intelligent robotics systems, created to facilitate the daily have become one of the most important subjects of the Robot World 2016 Conference. Robots event is being held in Beijing, China. Among creations “avant More...

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Emily Ratajkowski copies Irina-n? (Source: Top Channel,

Emily Ratajkowski has managed to attract a large number of followers on social media and thanks to its stunning appearance. Emily Ratajkowski this has proven once again in the picture published recently, which looks More...

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iPhone 7 catches fire as Note 7? (Source: Top Channel,

Matt Jones, a surfer from Australia stated that his iPhone 7 “caught fire and destroyed the car”. At least so reports Mashable. Jones says he had left his phone iphone 7 between some clothes in the car, More...

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Horoscope week from October 24 to October 30, 2016 (Source: HoroskopiShqip,

Taurus  21 March – 20 April Venus will have the strongest impact on your life couple during the week. Do you even open it you have the arm and blunt talk about everything. Single women should not play with More...

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Remember Crazy Girl? It continues to be so today, a mother of three girls (Source:

We believe all remember “Crazy Girl” song “Give gas” or “I love you” “in association em G Banin. We believe also that all are curious to know what happened to it after so More...

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These are 50 secrets to hide Ismail Kamal (Source:

He is educated in Ioannina, in the high school “Zosimea” cultural education center for many Renaissance figures. Then, young, Ismail Kemal goes to Istanbul aiming to become government officials; He begins More...

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10 most horrific cases of people buried alive (Source: World Today,

The idea of the buried alive is a universal fear. You awake to find yourself trapped underground is almost a death sentence. These stories are wonderful stories of survival and show that it is able to keep the human More...

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10 Things You Did not Know About Masons

10 Things You Did not Know About Masons Much is said about the Masons. The secrecy of the Brotherhood, has caused extensive discussions and numerous conspiracy theories. But the Masons themselves are still trying More...

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The first date, how to behave? (Source: Top Channel,

The first meeting with a person you dislike, it’s very exciting and it is very normal, because you do not know what to expect from the other person. What the young people often think, it is how to make as More...

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