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The government provides office Sali Berisha (Source: Journal-English,

The Albanian government has decided to provide free labor offices former presidents of state. A building in downtown Tirana disakatëshe will bring together former presidents of Albania. The government’s decision More...

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Fighting corruption, Çuçi: 535 officials in the investigation, be punished (Source: Century,

Punishing high officials is the example that fighting corruption is functioning. So said Minister of State for Local Government, Bledi Çuçi during the presentation of the European Union project “Evaluation More...

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Parliament and the Parliament of Israel, “Knesset” sign Bilateral Cooperation Protocol (Source: SMI,

Parliament and the Parliament of Israel, “Knesset” sign Bilateral Cooperation Protocol Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta and chairman of the Israeli Parliament “Knesset”, Mr. Yuli More...

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Involtini with swordfish (Source: Ikub,

ingredients - 8 swordfish fillets - 30 gr cheese minced - 3 tablespoons bread crumb - 1 tablespoon capers - 50 gram pulp fish - 10 Green Olives - 1 medium tomato - 2 bunches parsley - 1 spec - Bay leaves - Olive More...

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Coffee calms stress (Source: Ikub,

Persons suffering from chronic stress after 6 weeks of consumption of plant extracts show significant reduction in the symptoms of stress, compared with those who received placebo. This plant has similar action More...

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The most exciting functionalities intelligent clock Apple Watch (Source: Ora News,

Although Apple’s intelligent clock Watch will be launched in the coming months, we still do not have a complete picture of its functionality. Apple is expected to hold an event to tell us more about it. Therefore More...

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New York paralyzed, powerful storm of snow blocks the country (Source:,

Powerful storm snow started from 23 pm local time in New York has paralyzed a good part of northeastern America. In New York has launched jashtëzakoshme situation. To avoid the maksimun risks and damages caused More...

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Government ‘rejects’ opposition protest in Pristina today (Source: Century,

After the ‘rejection’ of government “Mustafa” to meet the demands of the opposition, the latter announced it would be today in protest. Kosovo opposition parties have called for today to More...

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The oldest woman in Scotland reveals the secret of longevity: Avoid men and eat trahana (Source: Ora News,

Gallan Jessie celebrates its 109 th January 2. The oldest woman in Scotland showing its secrets told how to have a long and healthy life. In an interview for “MailOnline” she said, “My secret to More...

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“1001 plight” of Milan. Inzaghi silent, Mexes out, damaged “El Shaa” comes Destro? (Source: Top Channel,

In the premises of Milan is no place for words and this I know Filippo Inzaghi, who after losing to Lazio in “Olimpico” has closed all criticism of his players in just 2 minutes before the next exercise. Pippo More...

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