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Putin will start a world war? (Source:,

It is said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened during a private conversation that will invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. According to the German daily, the threat was made during a telephone More...

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The court shall give judgment today on 12 imams, accused of terrorism (Source:,

The decision to arrest 12 imams in Kosovo is expected to appear this afternoon. The news was confirmed to Kosovo media, the President of the Basic Court in Pristina, Hamdi Ibrahim. In his session ended yesterday More...

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Greening Kamëz Rinas-curves, Ministry of Environment Project, view new road (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA As part of the national project for greenery, Ministry of Environment following action to collect the trees along the road axis Kamëz Rinas- turnaround. In a message on the social network “Facebook”, More...

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The new governor, Presidency: Applications by 5 October, will preserve confidentiality (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA Applications for the post of Governor of the Bank of Albania will be open until the 5th October. This fact has been released by the Presidency of the Republic of Albania. By derjtuar a media statement, the More...

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Lighten killing of the elderly, one of the authors, grandson of victims (Source: Top-Channel,

Two weeks after the macabre murder of two elderly women in the city of Durres, police in cooperation with the district prosecutor’s office could reveal the story and caught two of the suspects, while searching More...

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Miley Cyrus seems to never tires of telling the back of her “inflated”, this time showing its hand on the Wild. 21-year-old singer released two short videos on Instagram, featuring fundshpinën “prosthesis” More...

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Brook Kerry did not bother with “selfie” (Source: Top-Channel,

Romantic holidays in Mykonos seems he has come to an end, to Kerry Brook was assured to do as much “selfie” possible, either alongside fiance David McIntosh, as well as featuring its famous forms of More...

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Budget 2014 – Allocation of additional income, bleach normative act (Source: Journal-English,

Grow by about 1% of budget revenues, or 3.2 billion. This change is associated with the shift of funds towards the Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Transport and other institutions, will be submitted for More...

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Four government ministers ‘Rama’ submit deputy mandate (Source: Journal-English,

As expected, four government cabinet ministers ‘Rama’ have delivered the deputy mandate. Learned that the Interior Minister, Samir Tahiri, Finance, Shiny Cani, Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati and Energy More...

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Prime Ministry belies news: There have been incidents escort Rama (Source:,

A few minutes began to circulate news, according to which about 1:12 pm Friday, a vehicle accident was prime escort Rama, near the railway station in the capital. According to reports stating that the accident had More...

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