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Assembly approves territorial reform (Source: SMI,

Assembly approves territorial reform At the direction of the President of the Assembly, Mr.. Ilir Meta, closed the proceedings of the Assembly session II, VIII parliamentary Legislature and approved a package of More...

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Basha: CEZ deal with financial crime, the Czechs forgiven $ 3 billion. Arbitrage had to win (Source: Journal-English,

In an extraordinary press conference Thursday morning, the head of the Democratic Party, Basha, denounced the agreement reached between the Albanian government and CEZ considering it “a criminal offense megaskandal More...

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Abuses tenders, fined Burgaj and 30 police officers (Source:,

TIRANA-PPA, fined 31 officials of the State Police, after being found with various administrative violations in connection with various tenders and purchases conducted by the State Police for 8 years during which More...

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F / police law, Tahiri: decisive step to depoliticize State Police (Source:,

During discussion of the bill in the Assembly of the State Police, Interior Minister Samir Tahiri said that the new law will be a crucial step for the clinical determination of distance between politics and the More...

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Karpaço beef (Source:,

Ingredients for four people: 400 g beef fillet, 200 g mushrooms Champignon, 2 red onions, 200 g rukola, 200 g cheese Grana PADANO, 100 g balsamic vinegar, 1 clove, 1 sprig rosemary, 1 teaspoon truffle mushroom, 5 More...

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Cheese nutrition, diet and affects the addition of vitamins (Source: Ikub,

Are focused on cheese ingredients biggest milk: vitamins A, D, E and B group vitamins Vitamin C has no cheese, because this vitamin is water soluble and remains in the whey. Cheese also contains valuable protein, More...

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Aircraft, Russian experts in international investigations (Source: Top Channel,

Russian experts intend to visit the site of the plane crash in the East Malaysian Ukraine, during the Thursday, to examine the remains, along with international investigators, reports the Russian news agency Interfax, More...

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Ray J sex tape repents with Kim Kardashian (Source:,

Ray J has expressed his regret for the tape, which is seen doing sex with Kim Kardashian in 2007. Says that he never had to do this. A remake of Ray J shows that he is remorseful about the sex tape that Kim Kardashian More...

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The European Super Cup is believed Clattenburg (Source: Top Channel,

Englishman Mark Clattenburg will judge the Spanish Super Cup Europe completely, it will take place between Real Madrid Champions League winner, and Sevilla, as the winner of the Europa League at the Stadium of Cardiff, More...

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Lura, a petition against the territorial division: We want to separate (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – Lure Municipal Councillors, representatives of civil society and local residents have expressed against the territorial division adopted by Reform Commission is expected to vote today in Parliament. In More...

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