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Red wine and peanuts prevent memory loss (Source: Ora News,

An ingredient found in red grapes, red wine, peanuts and some berries may help prevent memory loss with age, says a study led by Indian scientists. Resveratroli is an antioxidant that helps the positive effects More...

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Bike with explosives after ‘Petro Nini “, police disables (Source: American,

Another terrorist attack in the capital was prevented by police this Thursday. Around 5:00 am the capital Blues found a cache of explosives placed on a bicycle located in a parking lot after school “Petro More...

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Barcelona knows not stop, near King’s Cup Final (Source: Top Channel,

King’s Cup semifinal between Barcelona and Villarreal, played in “Camp Nou”, is totally dominated by players led by Luis Enrique. At 45 minutes before Villarreal failed to go almost never in the More...

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The strike, Tirana today without urban transport, protest in front of City Hall (Source: American,

Tirana citizens throughout the day could not use public transport, since the latter is involved in a 24-hour strike. This strike comes after yesterday’s strike which ran for 3 hours, exactly in the morning More...

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Critics disappointed by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey “(Source: Top Channel,

It is advertised as the best movie of “hot” Hollywood of the year, but criticism has called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ how many “lukewarm” in sexual terms. In some of the criticism More...

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Energy recovery, reacts DP: Rama has brought destruction (Source: Journal-English,

The Democratic Party has reacted after the release of the prime Rama in a working conference to assess the recovery of the energy sector. Public Relations Coordinator, Grid Duma, said that the recovery in the sector More...

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Rama good arguments answers: No reform without taking measures (Source: Century,

Prime Minister Rama during his speech at the conference organized on “Energy Recovery” replied Ben Blushi Socialist MP who criticized some days ago on the reforms undertaken by the government to fully More...

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Tirana, explosives in the car of a lawyer (Source: Top Channel,

After three events of Tuesday morning, another similar event was recorded Wednesday afternoon in the capital. This time, the object was Emirion lawyer Mema vehicle, which was set a defensive shell in the rear tire. Self More...

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DP does not withdraw from the referendum, Basha: The new map removes any local jurisdiction (Source: Journal-English,

Democratic Party seems not delivered as regards efforts to bring in new territorial map referendum. Indeed Electoral College has rejected the CEC’s decision to allow the pioneering groups to call for a referendum, More...

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Prosecutor calls “wild” XHUVANI Constantine, but he escapes capital punishment (Source: Journal-English,

Although it is considered as a person with great social danger, Constantine Xhuvani has escaped prison forever. Prosecutor yesterday asked his sentence to life imprisonment, but this request consequently translates More...

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