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“President be elected by the people” (Source: Century:

Former President Topi believes that the Head of State to be chosen by the people, but should continue to stay on top of the High Council of Justice. In a television interview “A1Report” Bamir Topi said More...

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TNT, Zaganjori: A country without security, no better than the dictatorship (Source: American,

With our tough, and referring cases TNT, chairman of the Supreme Court Xhezair Zaganjori has negatively assessed the situation of law and order in the country, through an expression, that State is not able to provide More...

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Basil: Test of doctors humiliation The only solution is withdrawal (Source: American,

The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Movement for Integration Petra Basil reiterates its position that doctors testing is illegal and that the only solution in this case is the withdrawal of government. More...

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Migjeni “suffers” from 15 years ago Theatre of Shkodra towards extinction (Source: American,

Hallways and almost everything in Theatre “Migjeni” day in the offer without fear appearance similar to the mining galleries. The destruction and degradation of this legacy to the citizens of Shkodra More...

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Champions return, no winner in the first two games of eighth-s (Source: Top Channel,

The Champions League is back this Tuesday evening to direct the elimination phase. Two matches before the eighth-s, Chelsea and Shakhtar Donetsk PSG–Bayern are locked in a tie. In the “Parc des Princes” More...

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Fier, prevented the murder, author of seized firearms and two knives (Source: Ora News,

A murder is prevented Wednesday morning, February 18 in the city of Fier. Police arrested the run Throne as the author who would perform murder against citizen with initials MT after a conflict According to police More...

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“We should not think of the millions of people who will see nude” (Source: Top Channel,

Margot Robbie is new in Hollywood, but has already left its mark. Australian actress tremendously impressed critics and the public the role of the wife of the character played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the 2013 movie More...

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Test of nurses, the Health Ministry announces rules (Source: American,

After confirmation by the Minister Ilir Beqaj that on February 28 will be performed evaluation testing of physicians, Ministry of Health announces testing regulation of nurses. Under this regulation persons who More...

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Masks, terror and raid the “Neranxi” (Source: Century,

Masks with guns terrorize and rob workers daily turnover of the company “Neranxi”. The event took place at 15:02 pm yesterday in marketin “Neranxi” located within the central building of More...

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EC € 118 thousand for 8000 residents of flooded areas (Source: Century,

The European Commission will provide over € 118,000 for the supply of about 8,000 residents in areas affected by floods. The aid will go to Formant food packages, hygiene equipment, blankets, as well as information More...

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