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Nga lajme nga bota Ne 20:22 06-07-2015
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DP destruction, Basha is defending his liderishipin amorphous (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Two weeks after the local elections, former adviser of Sali Berisha to urban management issues, SR Kuqi, has made a profound loss radiography Democratic Party. The main responsible for the loss of DP, it makes kryedemokratin, More...

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“I killed to get the car” (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

State Police Forces yesterday handcuffed suspect as the killer of two Czech tourists, the afternoon of 3 July. Sokol Mjacaj citizen, 20 years old, was captured in the attempt to leave in a two- story, 200 meters More...

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Local Execution, 5000 euro reward for the capture of the perpetrators (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

LEZHA – authors of the assassination last night in Lezha, who fired from a car without license plates have not yet been identified. The assassination was carried out on 23-year-old Kristjan Mark, who could More...

Nga lajmi sot Ne 18:21 03-07-2015
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Presidency meets SMI. Meta analysis of the June 21 election (Source: SMI,

Meets Presidency of the Socialist Movement for Integration. SMI chairman, Mr. Ilir Meta analysis of the June 21 election. Ilir Meta: LSI as a responsible force and serious has been and remains concerned about the More...

Nga lajme nga bota Ne 11:20 03-07-2015
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CEC discusses the opposition’s complaint Kurbin (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

At the meeting of the CEC is being discussed for the complaints of the opposition demand for Kurbin municipality, which requires repetition of the election to invalidate the process for municipalities. 11: 13- Kosovrasti: More...

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The names of pharmacists who receive professional license (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Order of Pharmacists has prepared this week to practice certificates for all professionals that meet the criteria of recertification. The newspaper publishes the names of persons who have previously applied to the More...

Nga lajme nga bota Ne 13:04 01-07-2015
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5 Albanians arrested for terrorism in Italy (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

ITALY – Five Albanians, four Italian and one Canadian bonds led antiterrorism operation, developed in Italy. Italian and Albanian authorities began in the early hours of the day a range of extended operation More...

Nga lajme nga bota Ne 12:45 01-07-2015
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Aliko Arbjon left prison, pending decision on the brother (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Serious Crimes Court today considers security measures by Lazarati Aliko two brothers, who are accused of the murder of Renee’s manpower morning of June 24. Two brothers presented today for the second time More...

Nga lajmi sot Ne 13:29 29-06-2015
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The co Meta received the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Source: SMI,

President of the Assembly, Mr. The co Ilir Meta received the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Mr. President of the Assembly. The co Ilir Meta received the Monitoring Committee More...

Nga lajme nga bota Ne 19:42 26-06-2015
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Quivers consumption, retail trade increased, but fall fuels and appliances (Source: Gazeta Tema,

In the first quarter 2015, the volume index of retail sales increased by 4.7% compared with the same period the previous year, reported the INSAT. Meanwhile, in the retail trade group without including Retail Trade More...

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