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Police wounded in action (source: Top Channel,

A police officer of the Great Highland Station Kastriot Preci, 50, was injured late last night in the village of Hot during an action to arrest some persons who are suspected of carrying out several thefts in the More...

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Laura Pausini, incident “hot” during the concert in Lima (Source: Top Channel,

During a concert in Peru, Laura Pausini has been a heated incident. Robdëshambri is wearing open showing everything. An incident can happen to everyone, but the difference is how to deal with such incidents and More...

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Pensions, Basha accuses government: reform deprives half of Albanians (Source: Journal-English,

At a roundtable organized with experts, interest groups, lawmakers and foreign ambassadors in our country, the Democratic Party has discussed about pension reform. Chairman of DP, Basha, accused the government of More...

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Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta was received by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal Mr. Rui Machete. (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta was received by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal Mr. Rui Machete.     In the framework of his visit to Lisbon, the President of the Assembly Mr.. Ilir Meta was received More...

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Beef fillet with maskarpone (Source:,

Ingredients for 4 people: 600 g beef tenderloin 200 g Mascarpone Cream 2 tablespoons mustard simple 3 tablespoons olive oil Preparation: Ngrohim oil in a deep pan and bake at high fire veal fillets, 3-4 minutes More...

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Produced Putinofoni, phone costing 3,000 euros (Source: Balkanweb,

RUSSIA-the most ardent supporters of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, may already have the image of their mobile Benjamin. Russia is actually launched a new mobile phone 18 carat gold-plated and engraved Putin More...

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Sarkozy: The charges against me, political (Source: Top Channel,

In the first public reaction Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls politically motivated charges against his influences and corruption. “We are dealing with a situation serious enough to French people More...

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Official: Togo recognize Kosovo’s independence, becomes the 107 (Source:,

PRISTINA – The state of Togo, has recognized the Republic of Kosovo. The news was confirmed by the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxha, who through a post on Facebook, expressed gratitude for 107 countries More...

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Disabled: There refuse to pay, deducted from buses (Source: Journal-English,

The government does not respect the deadline set available from the Association of urban transportation for changes to the law in force “for the road transport”. Consequently, a significant number yesterday More...

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David Luiz, the best player of the World (Source: Top Channel,

Colombia-Brazil quarterfinal match will be a duel between the two best players in the World Cup so far by FIFA. It is about David Luiz and James Rodriguez. According to an evaluation scale of world football governing More...

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