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Economic freedom in Albania lower than a year ago, the problem of corruption and properties (Source: Ora News,

Economic freedom in our country has declined compared with a year ago. It is found in the annual Index of Economic Freedom in the world, published by the Heritage Foundation. According to this report, this decrease More...

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Obadiah: Should an organic law on the President to resolve the impasse (Source:,

Former President of the Constitutional Court, Fehmi Obadiah throws strong charges against the High Court on the valuation that has made the issue of “21 January”. In an interview for “” More...

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Xibrakës drugs, Rama, Germany informed about a person, we found the entire network (Source: Journal-English,

Premier Rama spoke today in the show ‘English’ Rudina hump, opposition protest was the focus of her high fuel price, the elections in Greece, other criminal situation. Today’s protest Prime Minister More...

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Remarks for the media of the President of the National Security Committee Mr. Spartak Braho (Source: SMI,

Remarks for the media of the President of the National Security Committee Mr. Spartak Braho   Mr. Braho Greece held parliamentary elections and Syriza won them. How does this affect relations with the Greek state More...

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Greece swears Prime Tsipras, mandated by the president to form the Government (Source: Top Channel,

Leftist opposition leader Alexis Tsipras Greek sworn in this Monday the President, being mandated for the formation of the new government of Greece. Tsipras has sworn on the Constitution, but is not sworn on the More...

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to divorce after four months of marriage? (Source:,

For days the foreign media is circulating the news that the marriage between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin is towards the end. After only 4 months regarding marriage, according to the media, have begun problems More...

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Vacancies on the CEC, SP-SMI reveal names. Denar back Biba (Source: Journal-English,

In the next plenary session this Thursday in the Assembly, the governing majority will fill three vacant remaining names on the Central Election Commission. Sources from the socialist parliamentary group, informed More...

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Falls from scaffolds, workshops coma (Source: Century,

A worker who was working on a building under construction in the village Qesarakë Tirana, fell from scaffolding installed. Hidajet Hider is currently in a coma in Tirana University Hospital Center “Mother More...

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Do capitalism makes us depressed? (Source: Journal-English,

Often capitalism is guilty of any wrong that occupies us today. But can you blame him for the increasing number of patients with psychological symptoms, especially for depression – so it will describe a common More...

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If Facebook will exist 20 years ago, here’s how it would (Source:,

If “Facebook” had existed 20 years ago, when the Internet was still in its beginning, an ad for the social network would be like in the video below. Created by comedian Brent Weinbach, as a parody advertisement More...

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