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Anticeluliti on a plate with fruit (Source: Ikub,

A kilos of fruits and vegetables spread out over 5 meals throughout the day and cellulite will become an unpleasant memory. The data clearly show: liposclerosa (medical term) occurs in about half of the population More...

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Displaying photos of new iPhone 6 (Source:,

Numerous rumors about new product Apple iPhone 6 which will be presented officially on September 9, seems to have been given direction with some pictures shown recently in social networks. Five photos published More...

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Russia seeks restoration of the ceasefire (Source: Top-Channel,

Russia calls by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, to turn the establishment of a ceasefire in the axis of today’s negotiations, provided the Belarusian capital Minsk held between Ukrainian officials, those Russian More...

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Deported to Kosovo jihadist who was arrested in Rinas (Source:,

24-year-old Kosovar who was arrested in Rinas, Friday night in an attempt to go to fight as jihadists in Syria, was deported to Kosovo. Mentor Zejnullahu had entered Albania heading to Turkey, and from there to More...

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Even private universities not closed, with irregularities (Source: Journal-English,

Irregularities and serious violations of legality criteria are not only made by the leaders of private universities closed by government decision, but also from other private ones. And yet, on the results achieved More...

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Milan wins and entertains at the start (Source: Top-Channel,

Inzaghi has started in the best way his adventure with Milan team, reaching 3-1 win against Lazio. With an improvised attack, with Stephan El Shaarawy, Hondan and MENEZ, Milan to score in the first 7 minutes by More...

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Tirana, with knife injuries in Electric Market (source: Top Channel,

A conflict between two executives taxi occurred in the electrical market in Tirana Monday morning. Consequently, one of them was wounded and taken to a hospital. Police have arrested the alleged injury, Sajmir Vejsa More...

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Rihanna, $ 18 million for an apartment in New York (Source: Top-Channel,

Rihanna is renting an apartment in New York earlier this year, when he decided to move out of LA. But now the singer’s hit “Diamonds” has found a permanent home, after first throwing a glance at More...

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Of compensation of property, 5 million dollars less for legalization (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-Last year Restitution and Compensation Agency Pro-ties failed to fully distribute the fund of 16 million dollars in favor of owners affected by informal settlements. According to the PRCA reporting to the More...

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Measures 7 BOA employees (Source: Top-Channel,

Tirana Court gave security measure for seven employees of the Bank of Albania inventory arrested two days ago in the capital. The prosecution sought the explanation of its hearings on the measure of safety evaluation More...

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