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Ray J sex tape repents with Kim Kardashian (Source:,

Ray J has expressed his regret for the tape, which is seen doing sex with Kim Kardashian in 2007. Says that he never had to do this. A remake of Ray J shows that he is remorseful about the sex tape that Kim Kardashian More...

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Lura, a petition against the territorial division: We want to separate (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – Lure Municipal Councillors, representatives of civil society and local residents have expressed against the territorial division adopted by Reform Commission is expected to vote today in Parliament. In More...

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KM: Approved property values ​​for each region of Albania (Source:,

TIRANA – The government approved property value for each region of the country. The decision was made today at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, under which property values ​​so determined by the More...

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Assembly, marathon sessions examined 22 legal initiatives (Source: Journal-English,

HCJ, codes, new maps are final test to confirm the majority qualified majority Albanian lawmakers will gather today at the final plenary session, where Parliament will close the proceedings of this parliamentary More...

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Tragedy in Mirdita, tunnel collapses HPP. 2 die Albanian and Turkish 1 (Source: Journal-English,

A serious incident occurred today in the evening at the entrance of the tunnel of a hydropower construction in Mirdita. It collapsed tunnel entrance in Neck Apple Hydro and consequently three people lost their lives. It More...

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Daily Horoscope, July 31, 2014 (Source: Ikub,

Daily Horoscope, July 31, 2014 Jim Do not keep Rampage partner because if you argue with everything that he says will mean for them to be your best. Try tregoheni turn to the open and tolerant. Single will’re More...

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Arben Dashi commanded director of Tirana police Çipa for specialization in the U.S. (Source: Journal-English,

Arben Dashi is command post of director s Tirana district police director instead of the current chipsets Ardian who start a specialization in the United States. The news is confirmed by official sources state police. More...

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Reform saves $ 60 million per year (Source: Top Channel,

While territorial reform debate has focused only on affiliation of municipalities and municipalities with the new map, little has been said about its economic benefits. By reducing local units, the roughly 400 such More...

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Rama: Education, not worthless diplomas industry (Source:,

In the analysis of 300 days of Ministry of Education and Sports, said the prime minister Rama these 300 days were enough to evaluate teachers on the basis of their contribution to education and not their relationship More...

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Supervjedhja in Banking, fullani reports of ‘economy’, Brace: Zero tolerance against those responsible (Source: Journal-English,

Head of Erion Brace Economy Commission said today that should zero tolerance for anyone, from first to last that has responsibility for the largest scandal of recent years in our country, it’s 7 billion theft More...

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