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Elbasan police chief threatens with weapons, Nallbati: We had a debate (Source:,

Elbasan – The efforts are killed with guns Director Elbasan’s police, Neritan Nallbati. REPORT A1 sources informed that the event took place in his office and that his subordinate was threatened with More...

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Lasagna with pesto and herb (Source: Ikub,

Ingredients - 250 g lasagne - 10 gr astute - parsley - thyme - 40 gr walnuts - 1 essence pond - 30 gr of minced cheese - 25 gr of minced sheep cheese - 200 gr soft cheese - 200 gr beans - Olive oil - salt Preparation Ziejini More...

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The pain, the precursor of diseases (Source: Ikub,

Today, it is difficult to separate commitments at work, home and leisure, reports Telegraph. Moving fast every day in different places of work, our body jade. Consequently presented headache, heart problems, and More...

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700 years to catch up to the wrist (Source: Journal-English,

A couple who were held up for up to 700 years have been discovered in a lost church in Leicestershire, UK. Century skeletons were found in the Church of St. Morrell ‘, a famous place of pilgrimage during the More...

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Scotland said “NO” independence (Source: Top-Channel,

Scotland has voted to stay in the UK after voters rejected independence convincingly in Thursday’s referendum. With 31 of the 32 municipal areas that have counted the ballots after Thursday’s process, More...

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VLAN-Jahjaga: We are the majority, are the solution (Source: Balkanweb,

Pristina VLAN coalition leaders, today held a meeting with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga. Meeting with President Jahjaga has come after the failure of today’s session of the Assembly, More...

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Horror murder of two sisters in law Durres, caught two suspects, searching Third (Source: Balkanweb,

Durres Two people were arrested after suspected to be the perpetrators of the murder of two elderly people in Durres, while the third wanted. Serious event that shook the whole public opinion and Durres, where he More...

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Persecuted, the new law: changes to documents (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA Ministry of Finance has announced that the entry into force of the modifications in the refugee law has brought changes to the documentation that must meet or heirs persecuted for obtaining installments. More...

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Pope’s car arrives in Albania (IMAGE) (Source:,

There DURRËS-morning car arrived with which the Pope will travel to Tirana. The vehicle has arrived at the port of Durres about 08:00 am and was transported by ferry line Bari-Durres. Under heavy security from More...

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Tapping the SP MP from SIS, by order of Berisha (Source:,

TIRANA State Intelligence Service has come out of its legal framework and constitutional, listening and gathering information on certain individuals, who are members of the Albanian Parliament and other political More...

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