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Chicken breast with green sauce (Source: Ikub,

Ingredients 500g of boiled chicken breast ago For the green sauce: 1 bunch parsley 20g pulp bread 5 tablespoons wine vinegar 1 garlic essence 30g capers (salted) 40-50g gherkins 1 boiled egg 4 sardine canned anchovies More...

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The walk starts paralyzed after four years thanks to cell transfer (Source: Journal-English,

He called Darek Fidyka and is paraplegic since 2010 Bulgarian 40-year-old was paralyzed from the waist down due to a blow with a knife. But now, thanks to a surgical intervention to qualify as a revolution in medicine, More...

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Samsung introduces Galaxy smartphone S5 Plus (Source: Balkanweb,

Samsung today introduced the Galaxy smartphone S5 Plus, a version of the Galaxy S5 but with Snapdragon processor 805. Like its predecessor, the new Plus model brings a faster LTE connection besides improved performance. S5 More...

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Sweden: Everything brought to the surface to “foreign submarine” (Source: Top-Channel,

Sweden does not want to confirm exactly that is looking for a foreign submarine in its territorial waters, but, if you find something that will not liked there, is ready to do everything necessary to compel him More...

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Delivered Serbia: Kosovo will be admitted to the International Olympic Committee (Source: Balkanweb,

After years of deadlock, the Olympic Committee of Serbia seems finally to be delivered. Following the publication of news that Kosovo’s recognition in the International Olympic Committee is inevitable Olympic More...

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Nicholas: I would give legal document in the absence of diploma (Source: Journal-English,

For students at “Showcase” that have completed the first level, bachelor’s, master’s second scientific or professional and repay all obligations towards the institution, but who are not yet More...

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Goleadë in “Champions”, Bayern shames Rome (Source: Top-Channel,

Bayern The first part was enough to close kryendeshjen of this evening’s Champions League which was returned with goleadë. Although on paper the difference between the two teams was not so deep, the team More...

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Highland Kingdom, found shot dead in a 63-year-old flat (Source: Balkanweb,

Louth-One person was found shot dead this morning in Malesia. The victim is Mujaj Pasko. Police sources suggest that the elderly man was found dead in his apartment in the village Bukpalaj. From preliminary investigations More...

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Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez together? (Source: Top-Channel,

In media pink is rumored romance between them, but they themselves have never received anything like that, at least publicly. However, Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez were given another dose when allegations were More...

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Ahmetaj: Support production sectors, generate employment (Source: Century,

Was held today in Tirana Conference “Together to the EU”, organized by the German Embassy in Tirana, GIZ and KfW bank. Present at the conference, Minister of Economic Development Ahmetaj assured further More...

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