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Monica Belluci celebrates 50th anniversary (Source: Top-Channel,

Elegant and mysterious beauty. Monica Belluci, Italian actress turned 50 years old. Diva is the latest “Made in Italy” that conquered world cinema and became famous not only for its beauty but also for More...

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Basha: Meta-Rama installed more fierce conflict in Albania (Source: Journal-English,

Violence in the Assembly, maltreatment of democracy and the rule of law, violation of human rights. Have been the topic of discussion at Democratic Party chairman Basha during a meeting in Brussels with the new More...

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EXCLUSIVE / Elivar Golem: Prosecution hindered us in revealing the truth (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA-former inspector of the Bank of Albania Elivar Golem after 25 days in jail speaks exclusively for Basil Eni journalist for her show “Open Studio”. Elivar Golem says the prosecution has hampered More...

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Daily Horoscope, October 1, 2014 (Source: Ikub, www /

Daily Horoscope, October 1, 2014 Jim The couple relationship will be exceptional during this day. I’ll agree with that best deal with the person you have in the side and forget once and for all disputes that More...

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EU funding for the Balkans 2014-2020 (Source: Top-Channel,

The European Commission has published a strategic document for Pre-Accession Instrument second period 2014-2020. For the next seven years, the EU commits 11 billion euros in total for the enlargement countries, More...

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Explosive key witness to the murder of kryekomisarit Lamaj (Source:,

Already the life of the main witness of the murder of kryekomisarit Dritan Lamaj is at risk. On 15 September, the car also known as Vlad’s protected witness under the pseudonym “Arben Ndoka” has More...

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3 deputies searched the paper SIS Vishon AJAZI: overheard us, gives an account (Source: Balkanweb,

Tirana TV News 24 sources suggest that the National Intelligence Service Institute has tapped three members of the majority who have been part of the control group who inspected the institution. Based on this fact, More...

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Vlora ferry collided (Source: Top-Channel,

This morning ferry line Brindisi-Vlore clashed with trawlers in the vicinity of the island of Sazan. From the strong collision at 4:30 o’clock is the minutes trawlers sunk within a few minutes, but fortunately More...

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Jolie give hours 3 million dollar Brady (Source: Top-Channel,

Angelina Jolie has gifted her husband Brad Pitt an hour of thought rarely worth the full $ 3 million. Hollywood actress decided to buy the wedding gift as her partner of many years a precious Patek Philippe 1952. Of More...

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First photos from weddings Alamuddin Clooney (Source: Top-Channel,

It published the first picture of the wedding of actor George Clooney Alamuddin lawyer Amal. 36-year-old was wearing a veil of Oscar de la Renta, while 53-year-old had chosen an Armani suit from Georgia. All wedding More...

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