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Important breakthrough for breast cancer (Source: Albeu,

A new drug that destroys tumors by chemotherapy offers hope for patients with tumor “triple negative” breast and breast cancer. One in 5 cases of breast cancer are affected by the most aggressive forms More...

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What will happen after the elimination of sugar for just nine days? (Source: Telegraph,

Scientific studies have revealed why it is important to define the introduction of sugar in the body. New research reveals that eliminating sugar from food for nine days can have a dramatic positive effect on our More...

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These 13 things must do Serbia in the dialogue with Kosovo (Source: Gazeta Express,

Kosovo and Serbia dialogue, initiated years ago, has seen progress, but regression on both sides. In this context, several agreements have been reached between the two countries, but did not find almost never full More...

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Milva Ekonomi: state aid 6.2 billion in 2015 (Source: Top Channel,

Milva Ekonomi Ministry of Economy published the annual report for 2015 state aid, saying that this year was 6.2 billion shares in total. At the next meeting of the National Economic Council, Minister of Economic More...

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Emergency service in the South, with the new system in standby (Source: Top Channel,

Gjirokastra region will have ambulances on standby 7, the location of which will be under a new scheme, except as Memaliaj, Poliçan of Dropull, ambulances will also be in the customs Kakavija. “To date, the More...

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Constitutional Court suspends “Vettingu” and sends in Venice (Source: Top Channel, www,

The Constitutional Court has suspended the law “Vettingu” and will address the Venice Commission for an opinion on the law in question appear before a final decision itself to. This is the decision taken More...

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“Residue” arriving LSI and industry AKIP party meeting in Meta (Source: Top Channel,

Return of waste law the President of the Assembly reactivated lobbying groups ‘pro’ and against the law. Petrit Vasili SMI was first hosted representatives of recyclers, and their alliance against the More...

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Stephen Hawking: Do not contact with aliens, for them we are “bacteria” (Source: Albeu,

The physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, has once again warned about the risks associated with extraterrestrial life and attempts to contact, reports “The New York Times”. Stephen Hawking has talked More...

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Daily Horoscope, October 25, 2016 (Source: Gazeta Express,

Horoscope of the day October 25, 2016: Aries: Engage more at work today! If you are in love couple, it is time to change any rule, up from the usual gray, to discover something new and emosionuese. Enjoy and relax! Bull: Are More...

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Sex, the best cure for headaches than medicines (Source: Tele

A team of neurologists found that sexual activity (sex) can lead to partial or complete relief of headaches, which are caused by certain types of migraine. The study, conducted by the University of Münster, Germany, More...

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