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US Army, seven facts that you do not know (Source: Gazeta Express,

“U.S. Army “, is the most powerful army in the world, technology, weapons and ways of organizing. But how many of you have more detailed information about the American Army? The US Army is older than More...

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‘Anonymous’ predicts World War III (Source: Gazeta Express,

World situations and conflicts have suddenly taken an alarming sight, due to increasing tensions between Russia and America, while collide in Syria, writes “The Independent” responded situation .Kësaj More...

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Prophet predictions: 5 Things You Did not Know About Nostradamus (Source: Gazeta Express,

Born forecasts prophet Michel de Nostradame named in December of 1503 in Saint Remy, France, and died on July 1, 1566. Astrologer Nostradamus was a French chemist, pharmacist, who published a collection entitled More...

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These 13 things must do Serbia in the dialogue with Kosovo (Source: Gazeta Express,

Kosovo and Serbia dialogue, initiated years ago, has seen progress, but regression on both sides. In this context, several agreements have been reached between the two countries, but did not find almost never full More...

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Rama, lunch with Thaci in Prizren (Source: Gazeta Express, www,

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi informed the day before that Tuesday in Prizren will lunch with Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama. President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi informed the day before that Tuesday in More...

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Constitutional Court suspends “Vettingu” and sends in Venice (Source: Top Channel, www,

The Constitutional Court has suspended the law “Vettingu” and will address the Venice Commission for an opinion on the law in question appear before a final decision itself to. This is the decision taken More...

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Majlinda Kelmendi: I have not ever gone to the pub, I just dedicated training (Source: Top Channel,

World judo champion Majlinda Kelmendi invited to show “Afternoon at Top Channel” has shown for the first time some details about her life. “I started to deal with this sport because the church More...

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Daily Horoscope, October 25, 2016 (Source: Gazeta Express,

Horoscope of the day October 25, 2016: Aries: Engage more at work today! If you are in love couple, it is time to change any rule, up from the usual gray, to discover something new and emosionuese. Enjoy and relax! Bull: Are More...

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Emily Ratajkowski copies Irina-n? (Source: Top Channel,

Emily Ratajkowski has managed to attract a large number of followers on social media and thanks to its stunning appearance. Emily Ratajkowski this has proven once again in the picture published recently, which looks More...

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CiViCi: Positive results from the agreement with the IMF (Source: Top Channel,

Ardian Civici, the government’s three-year agreement with the International Monetary Fund has achieved positive results. “Starting from the fact of the existence of the primary surplus, economic growth More...

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