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Critics disappointed by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey “(Source: Top Channel,

It is advertised as the best movie of “hot” Hollywood of the year, but criticism has called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ how many “lukewarm” in sexual terms. In some of the criticism More...

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Rama good arguments answers: No reform without taking measures (Source: Century,

Prime Minister Rama during his speech at the conference organized on “Energy Recovery” replied Ben Blushi Socialist MP who criticized some days ago on the reforms undertaken by the government to fully More...

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Tirana, explosives in the car of a lawyer (Source: Top Channel,

After three events of Tuesday morning, another similar event was recorded Wednesday afternoon in the capital. This time, the object was Emirion lawyer Mema vehicle, which was set a defensive shell in the rear tire. Self More...

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Revealed the names of the purchasers of two explosions numbers (Source: American,

Two mobile numbers registered in the name of a citizen of one of the LINZA Selfoss, thought to have been used to activate the explosives, placed in the father’s pharmacy Interior Minister Samir Tahiri and More...

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Prosecutor calls “wild” XHUVANI Constantine, but he escapes capital punishment (Source: Journal-English,

Although it is considered as a person with great social danger, Constantine Xhuvani has escaped prison forever. Prosecutor yesterday asked his sentence to life imprisonment, but this request consequently translates More...

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Rama: Within 5 years, the power sector back in Bonanza (Source: Top Channel,

In a meeting held on Wednesday where he Oshea balance work last month, Prime Minister Edi Rama said the energy sector should return to Bonanza within 5 years. “The government has undertaken a comprehensive More...

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DP: Shared by life woman who was treated with bogus medicine. Beqaj Investigation and Drug Control (Source: Panorama,

DP: Shared by life woman who was treated with bogus medicine. Beqaj Investigation and Drug Control We have a victim, according to her family, the result of irresponsible handling of corruption by public hospital More...

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Rama: Terrorist act, will get answers from the state (Source: Journal-English,

Paloka: Minister, associated with gangs. PM: May You black site! Rama: a terrorist act against the family of the Minister of Interior, biting monsters that have taken, are taking and will take what they deserve Meta More...

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Didi: TNT drugstore Tahiri and “Vasil Shanto” by the same hand (Source: Century,

Explosives placed on the father’s pharmacy Minister Tahiri, broke through phone and about TNT located in the urban station in the area of “Vasil SHANTOS”. Thus stated during a press conference More...

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Explosions in Tirana, Didi gives details: pure terrorist acts (Source: Ora News,

State Police Director Artan Didi is in a media conference about giving details about the explosions yesterday in Tirana. Regarding the explosion in the palace where he lives Serious crimes chief Korca Didi said More...

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