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Prosecution: 74 years in prison for heroin group (Source: Top Channel,

Serious Crimes Prosecution has requested a total sentence of 74 years in prison for 6 people accused of smuggling heroin from Albania to Greece. Their arrest was conducted on 16 April 2014, at the border crossing More...

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Relatives of 21-year-old killed in Greece, I know killers (Source: Shekulli,

Family members and relatives of 21-year-old killed in Greece stated that authors recognize the murder of Daniel. According to them they are from the city of Korca. Relatives of the victim have sought justice for More...

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Germany turns 70 today Albanian asylum seekers (Source: Shekulli,

Germany has rejected the request for asylum for 70 Albanian nationals. The German Embassy in Tirana announced yesterday that the 70 nationals who sought asylum in Germany will arrive today in Albania. “In More...

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Nard Ndoka: Mot for me on Facebook, cooked from politics to denigrate me. The title “Honorary Academician”, no surprise (Source: .com,

Democratic Party leader Nard Ndoka, in an interview for “Albanian newspaper” has told how he has faced the phenomenon “Nard Ndoka philosopher” of social networks that have already been going More...

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Meta estimates Report of US State Department (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of SMI, Mr. Meta welcomes and appreciates the recently published report of the US State Department Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of SMI, Mr. Meta welcomes and appreciates More...

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Meta attended the opening of the 15th Fair of the Book in Ulcinj (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta attended the opening of the 15th Fair of the Book in Ulcinj. Mr. Meta: I salute the initiators of this initiative to unite to offer us through the book, through culture, that More...

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The draft law on tourism, the majority: Place Albania in the list of preferred destinations (Source: Top Channel,

Parliament met on Monday in the last session before taking their summer holidays, to discuss the draft law on tourism. The majority says that through this bill Albania will be placed on a preferred destination and More...

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SAI utter NRC former director Tomi Kola, Audit: € 59 thousand expense (Source:,

TIRANA – The state caused economic damage in the amount of 59 thousand euros kallëzohen the prosecutor former head of the National Registration Centre and director of IT in the institution High State Control More...

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The State Department Problem favoring inclusion of trafficking officials (Source: Top Channel,

The US State Department published its annual report on human trafficking, where Albania is ranked again in the list of countries with problems regarding this phenomenon. According to the report, it remains problematic More...

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Bobbi Kristina Brown dies, the only daughter of Whitney Houston (Source: Top Channel,

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of singer Whitney Houston has died at the age of 22. The news was announced the representative of the family, Kristen Foster, who has stated that Brown passed away on Sunday, surrounded More...

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