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Measures to be taken to improve the function of tourism services (Source: Century,

Transport and Infrastructure Minister , Edmond Haxhinasto promised effective measures for the summer tourist season a much higher quality than in years past . In an interview for VAT, Haxhinasto listed some of the More...

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Haxhinasto: Reform in transportation, purchase of patents end (Source: Balaknweb,

TIRANA , Transport and Infrastructure Minister , Edmond Haxhinasto , in a meeting at the Directorate of Road Transport in Tirana , stopped to explain the importance of transportation reform . According to him , More...

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Road safety, no more vans 10 days jail drunk drivers (Source:,

TIRANA , “No citizen transport van . Who caught drunk or drive a vehicle without license will be sentenced to 10 days in jail . ” Are some of the austerity measures the government will undertake to enhance More...

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Haxhinasto: I will repay 120 mln USD obligations for roads (Source:,

About 120 million dollars were allocated from the state budget for the debt that the government has companies that have completed public works , while liabilities total bill is about $ 240 million . Transport Minister More...

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“Belle Air” Haxhinasto: ‘Alitalia’ ready to engage if necessary (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – airline crisis ” Belle Air ” has become the Minister of Transport , Edmond Haxhinasto meet representatives of the company ‘ Alitalia ‘ , which expressed its readiness to engage More...

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Bankruptcy, Haxhinasto: No jam accounts ‘Belle Air’, but mismanagement by the company (Source: Journal-English,

Transport Minister Edmond Haxhinasto reacted after the situation created by the bankruptcy of the airline , ‘ Belle Air ‘ resulted in penalizing hundreds of citizens who had booked to travel with this More...

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Haxhinasto in Shkodra, promises to increase infrastructure investment (Source: English,

The Albanian government will initially pay debts to construction firms, which have committed infrastructure in place, and then will be examined intervention to complete the remaining half investments. The statement More...

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TemA TV/ Olldashi shpërndan ballokume në Tunelin e Krrabës: Do përfundojë brenda pak javësh (VIDEO) (Burimi: Gazeta Tema,

Ministri i Transporteve, Sokol Olldashi, ka vendosur të shpërndajë ballokume për punonjësit e Tunelit të Krrabës. Pasi u ka uruar punonjësve Ditën e Verës, Olldashi ka deklaruar se brenda pak javësh, More...

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