Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘policia e tiranes’
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Vote buying, the prosecution evidence against Ishmael (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

Tirana police prosecutor filed criminal charges yesterday against the current head Vora, Fiqiri Ismail, who is reported to station no. 6 by two citizens, after they paid 10 thousand ALL in exchange for votes in More...

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Putting fine scheme, as was pressed businessman (Source: Gazeta Shekulli,

A criminal structured group of seven persons, led by messages through social networks from one sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder in Pekin, for more than three months has threatened a businessman coffee More...

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Details of the operation to a fine group of bookmakers, who ruled from prison via Facebook by Genc Ferhati (Source: Gazeta Tema,

Tirana police in cooperation with the Prosecutor for Serious Crimes has hit a criminal group who allegedly threatened a businessman putting a fine and tight through the physical and psychological benefit for substantial More...

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Reconciliation arrest Serjani man opposition called “friend” of Tahiri of Rama (Source: Gazeta Tema,

A few months ago, the Democratic Party denounced this picture Reconciliation Serjani out from the headquarters of the Socialist Party, according to her, the relationship of the Government and Minister of Interior More...

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Deceives the inhabitants of 6 years, the owner of the house irons (Source: Journal-English,

Tirana Police yesterday arrested the owner of the house who is accused of 6 years entices residents, not given apartments that were promised, as he built on their land. So, yesterday was handcuffed 62-year-old Namik More...

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Changes in the police, has new names in Tirana (Source:,

TIRANA, first made public appointments made under the new structure of the State Police that came into effect two days ago on June 10. Some appointments are made at the Police Directorate of Tirana, while changes More...

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Executed skate Victor (Source: Top Channel,

Victor skate , 45, had nearly 40 minutes that had entered a gaming point , when around 16:00 , a person dressed in black and diving head has asked employees where he was . A person once approached the target was More...

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The seventh day of the strike, police launched criminal proceedings against Qafzezi (Source: Century,

Tirana police has launched criminal proceedings in the free state to the Association President leavers Administration , Nertila Qafzezi for organizing and setting up ” tent of hunger ” , which , according More...

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10 fired at police strike: No permit for ‘marquee hunger’ (Source: American,

TIRANA – Ten defectors off hunger strike next prime minister and have begun setting up tent which will be hosted during the strike by them . Learned that the protesters entered the hunger strike after receiving More...

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C4-base hit Summit in Tirana, seized 150 kg (Source: Century,

Four people were handcuffed in terms of urgency and have arrived on the ‘ Sadik Petrela ‘ to deliver merchandise that had set them sell a person . However , if they are put in handcuffs while police More...

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