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Changes in the police, has new names in Tirana (Source:,

TIRANA, first made public appointments made under the new structure of the State Police that came into effect two days ago on June 10. Some appointments are made at the Police Directorate of Tirana, while changes More...

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Executed skate Victor (Source: Top Channel,

Victor skate , 45, had nearly 40 minutes that had entered a gaming point , when around 16:00 , a person dressed in black and diving head has asked employees where he was . A person once approached the target was More...

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The seventh day of the strike, police launched criminal proceedings against Qafzezi (Source: Century,

Tirana police has launched criminal proceedings in the free state to the Association President leavers Administration , Nertila Qafzezi for organizing and setting up ” tent of hunger ” , which , according More...

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10 fired at police strike: No permit for ‘marquee hunger’ (Source: American,

TIRANA – Ten defectors off hunger strike next prime minister and have begun setting up tent which will be hosted during the strike by them . Learned that the protesters entered the hunger strike after receiving More...

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C4-base hit Summit in Tirana, seized 150 kg (Source: Century,

Four people were handcuffed in terms of urgency and have arrived on the ‘ Sadik Petrela ‘ to deliver merchandise that had set them sell a person . However , if they are put in handcuffs while police More...

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Albanian-American businessman testifies: Former bodyguard Berisha’ve grandson (Source: Century,

Day in the Court of Serious Crimes has proven Albanian-American businessman Ramazan Hima related charges brought against former bodyguard of Sali Berisha , Fatos and 33 – year-old skate Gojart loci . Albanian-American More...

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Tirana, seized property of a person, chipsets: Product of criminal activity (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA Tirana , police seized assets worth 3 million euros after a person suspected to be created by his criminal activity . In a statement to the media Tirana Police Director chipsets Ardian said that after an More...

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Police arrested two wanted for murder, were sentenced to 25 and 20 years (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA – Police arrested Tirana has put two people accused of murder . It is known that the shackles have completed Shiny Allushi citizen sentenced to 25 years in prison and Albert Hoxha citizen sentenced More...

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Tirana, 7 arrested for terrorism, among them an imam (Source:,

TIRANA-Seven people were arrested on charges of terrorism. The detainees are Muslim believers and among them is also learned that an imam. The arrests were carried out by the Rapid Intervention Forces Police to More...

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Robb ‘Benz in’ police uniforms, shop guard Wound (Source: Century,

Have sufficed just a few minutes and recorded two capitals robbery by force , at gunpoint and police uniform . While police Tirana and all special teams were focused on protests , looters attacked their targets More...

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