Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘shendeti’
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Pastroni mushkëritë nga tymi i duhanit për 3 ditë (Burimi: Shekulli,

Pastroni mushkëritë nga tymi i duhanit për 3 ditë. Duhanpirja është më e lartë tek meshkujt, sesa tek femrat, përkatësisht 60 % kundrejt 18 %. Këshillat Nëse tashmë jeni duke pirë duhan, përpiquni More...

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Ja si duhet ta mbajmë trupin në formë! (Burimi: Shekulli,

Ushqimet e paraqitura më poshtë na ndihmojnë që ta mbajmë trupin në formë, dhe mos të vuajmë nga mbipesha. Ato na ndihmojnë te kemi një bark të sheshtë, largojnë celulitin dhe na shuajnë ndjesinë More...

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Green tea against hypertension (Source:,

Daily consumption of green tea among other health benefits also helps in maintaining control of blood pressure. Indeed, some Japanese studies conducted recently have shown that regular use of green tea can help More...

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3 more reasons to eat chocolate (Source:,

Studies show that the cocoa plant bishtajën found some called flavonol antioxidants which help in keeping blood pressure low and in keeping arteries unlock ; they also help reduce exposure to diabetes . Here’s More...

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Scientists explain the magical effects of coffee (Source: Century,

For many people , coffee is ” friend ” the best , as we found when we next need. Coffee is warm and keeps us in shape. Do you know what effect it has on our brains ? Fortunately , science can tell us More...

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Consume foods against cancer 10 (Source:,

The cause of the development of tumors in humans remains to their malnutrition ! It was discovered by an Italian NGO which deals with research on tumors ! However , it also suggests ten foods against cancer . Three More...

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30, 40, 50 years old, a diet based on your age (Source:,

As more years pass , the more tedious it is to weaken and lose pounds . How important is age in a diet ? More , since the female body varies . Food Tips for the following age you belong. As more years pass , the More...

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7 fruits and vegetables a day reduces the risk of death (Source: Top Channel,

Eat seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day is healthier than the recommended amount , 5 , and lengthen human life . A British study conducted on 65,220 people , men and women , showed that as many More...

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Aceto Apple as an ally of beauty and health (Source:,

Many people under estimate , Aceto Apple is not only a product in the kitchen and at the table , instead . 1 – Aceto Apple as obtained and what are its ingredients Initially it is best to explain how this More...

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As women increase kilograms few days after the diet (Source:,

Go into the diet and end up fatter . Is this what it has discovered a study led by Jenny Craig , which has concluded that it happens with females 4 to 10 . U.S. study titled , ” Food , Body , Mind ” More...

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