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Foods that help in the formation of muscle (Source: Living,

Success in the formation of muscle depends on what you eat, and the way to exercise. As soon be part of your diet the following foods, the sooner will form muscles. Chicken breast: For every 100 grams of chicken More...

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The girl, the best moment for skin care is … (Source: Ikub,

The first rule you should have in mind when it comes to skin care is that you should not underestimate it at night. While the body relax and streamlines energies for the next day, the skin works and eliminates the More...

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How to leave smoking with natural ways (Source: Ikub,

To quit smoking will need more, but we can help come to us some behavior or choices are ours to make us easier this challenge. Although at this time are very few men who do not recognize the dangers of tobacco, More...

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Nuts for a healthy liver (Source: Ikub,

One of the reasons why one should consume nuts linked to excellent effect that they have to clean the liver. Liver which is responsible for cleansing the body from toxins, fatty foods loaded and alcohol. Consequently, More...

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Red wine: it is evil or good? (Source: Ikub,

Lovers of this beverage could not ever getting up from a glass a day, and many of them are athletes and in very good physical shape. However we know that alcohol can cause many serious health problems. But how can More...

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4 surprising reasons why you have backache (Source: Ikub,

Often back pain has some logical reasons such as not sleeping in the right position, speed with fast or tall, etc. However there are times when the reasons remain unclear. Discover some tracks may come from all More...

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Uses and values of chestnut (Source: Ikub,

Chestnuts constitute some foods that are rich with the best of the vegetable world. They can be consumed fresh, dried or baked in different ways by the lead organization of precious substances. Chestnuts are formed More...

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8 ways to feel energetic throughout the day (Source: Ikub,

Fact: 56% of women consume coffee to be “smart” in the morning, according to a survey of 1008 people, sponsored by ChromaDex natural products company. But should not rely solely on caffeine to feel rested More...

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Nuts say “stop” wrinkles and signs of aging (Source: Ikub,

Thanks to various research carried out in this direction has been observed that nuts, has a very important effect on our body. Researchers have observed that women who consumed 28 grams of nuts twice a week were More...

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The walk starts paralyzed after four years thanks to cell transfer (Source: Journal-English,

He called Darek Fidyka and is paraplegic since 2010 Bulgarian 40-year-old was paralyzed from the waist down due to a blow with a knife. But now, thanks to a surgical intervention to qualify as a revolution in medicine, More...

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