Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘shendeti’
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Celulitet, a pathology that causes annoyance (Source: Ikub,

Although the aesthetic nature, celulitet constitute a pathology that causes annoyance, especially among young women, who often develop inferiority complex yourself naturally exaggerated and dictated by fashion. More...

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Some simple gestures to avoid the pain of the stomach (Source: Ikub,

To not go immediately to the doctor there are some simple ways to calm stomach pain. Here are they. To not go immediately to the doctor there are some simple ways to calm stomach pain. Here are they. Keep warm with More...

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Cold shower helps weight reduction (Source: Ikub,

Do not use cold shower if you have heart problems with blood pressure or diabetes. Changes in body temperature can temporarily affect blood circulation. A cold shower in the morning reklasim not only helps the body More...

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Reasons why should consume Dardha (Source: Ikub,

Pear is a fruit of very important for our body. Is made to the extent of 84% water and 16% of the proteins extent, sugar, carbohydrates, phosphorus and magnesium. The main vitamins that contains this fruit are A, More...

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5 unknown causes of hair loss (Source: Ikub,

Tmerroheni when you see hair fall in bunches? Not yet know the cause why this happens? Discover some of the unknowns. Food poisoning When suffering stomach after a poisoning, blood flow can be disrupted and upset More...

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Beauty and Health, Science says that linked between them (Source: Ikub,

Results of the University of Cincinnati researchers and published in the journal “Evolution and Human Behaviour”, aunt just above support. The study conducted on a sample of men and women aged between More...

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How to avoid black circles under the eyes; Care must show (Source: Balkanweb,

The face is the first thing that each of us looks at the beginning, so why not have always a new face as challenging in this age so well. Part below the eyes is one of the most sensitive areas and that a significant More...

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How to freshen up in the hot days of summer? (Source:,

These hot summer days until our body adapts to high temperatures, while still no sign of freshness and temperature suitable, we are giving you some tips that could help you freskoheni. Optimal introduction of fluids More...

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Secret to relax at the end of the day (Source: Ikub,

Laugh! Did you know that laughter tonifikon muscles, frees negative energies, oksigjenon muscles and tissues, neutralizes stress, anxiety and increases overall physical strength? According to a study conducted in More...

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How to protect hair from the sun? (Source:,

If the body darkened the sun, those locks are damaged and burned. In summer you should consider some tips on how to care for hair. Cutting – Shortly before the outbreak of heat, must trim and double the length More...

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