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For how many hours of sleep do we need? (Source: Ora News,

A study in the United States has reached new conclusions and recommends us the amount of sleep for every age group. 18 experts from the National Sleep Foundation in the US reached a new version rekomanditet of time More...

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Red wine and peanuts prevent memory loss (Source: Ora News,

An ingredient found in red grapes, red wine, peanuts and some berries may help prevent memory loss with age, says a study led by Indian scientists. Resveratroli is an antioxidant that helps the positive effects More...

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Hair Mask volume (Source: Living,

ingredients: 1 cup yogurt 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 teaspoon honey 1 tablespoon olive oil Preparation: In a bowl put 2 tablespoons cocoa, honey and olive oil. The mix well and add the yogurt. The measure takes the form More...

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Pilates: 6 basic principles (Source: Ikub,

The objective of this discipline is to enable the individual to gain moves with elegance and balanced, through a technique based on six fundamental principles and thanks correct exercises. Here are: Pilates is a More...

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Nutrients for a healthy skin (Source: Ikub,

Beyond genetics and your style of living, food your diet is a very important factor to consider. Nutrition carefully not only to make you feel better but will help and avoid the appearance of acne on the skin or More...

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Brown spots on the skin: Melazma and their elimination (Source: Living,

Melazmat are hiperpigmentime (stained brown) with clear demarcation from the rest of the skin that are usually located mainly on the face. Melazmat give no other symptoms in the body, but in our daily practices More...

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Special foods to lower cholesterol (Source: Ikub,

“Eating smart” This category includes plant sterols and stanols which can be found in plants. They are components that have similar chemical structure to cholesterol and prevent the absorption of cholesterol. More...

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Here’s how it affects your health keeping an animal (Source: Ikub,

1. reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease Enemies of heart disease are the salt and alcohol, while friends are pets, especially dogs. Studies conducted at the University “Queens” in Belfast, have More...

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10 bacteria that live on mobile phones (Source: Century,

Studies have found that the surface of the mobile phone are around 80% of most common bacteria to human. Some researchers say that cell phones are even more contaminated with bacteria than toilet lids. Who are the More...

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The benefits that can bring a massage session (Source: Ikub,

Coupon that includes a massage session can be the best gift you can ask someone you want. Discover the benefits that can lead to this practice. During the massage, our body, especially in the brain, to the digestive More...

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