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Miraculous herbs that might weaken and can be lumturojnë (Source:,

Oh to have any magic dust to transform us as we dreamed would . However there is a solution . Here’s mysterious herbs that can help us . Strengthen bones with cinnamon Cane can customize glycerol , but also More...

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Ways to use chamomile (Source:,

1 – headache and anxiety Chamomile essential oil is an analgesic , sedative , anti-inflammatory . Efficient to calm menstrual pain and rheumatic cramps , can be used to calm stress, anxiety and removed to More...

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Consumption of fish “save” health, especially among the elderly (Source: American,

Fish remains one of the most healthy foods. Having consumed in sufficient quantities, especially at an early age decreases to 39% greater risk of physical and mental illnesses. Part of the merit is due to animal More...

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Calcium, the element needed for weight control (Source:,

Calcium , a mineral that is present in our body , constitutes almost all skeleton , but it is not only a source of wellbeing . From a recent scientific publication , always appears more connection and calcium intake More...

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Spring, the season back allergies (Source: American,

TIRANA – rising temperatures , the opening of flowers and the addition of dust in the air has brought increased number of people affected by allergies . After Virosus viral largest number of cases presented More...

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Want more muscle? Eat eggs! (Source: Century,

If you do not have a muscular body , you are not even fans of various supplements , experts suggest to consume eggs to add muscle . That’s why eggs are much needed . Eggs contain sufficient amounts of protein More...

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5 foods you should consume for a perfect skin (Source: Century,

Are you tired of using expensive and ineffective products beauty ? It’s time to throw those useless product and begin to eat foods to have a perfect lërkurë . 5 products that should not be missed by your More...

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Some natural ways to remove stress (Source: Century,

Are you stressed ? Here are some natural ways to reklaksuksuar . Treat yourself as if you do not stress Stress makes us crazy lately ? Is a phrase we often hear . Maybe here you will learn some of the best ways More...

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What is the diet of Hollywood? (Source: Century,

Plenty of VIPs used by Hollywood ‘s most fashionable diets of those times . Here’s what to eat accordingly. In its content has only diets consumption of fruits , which are known for a low amount of calories More...

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What is useful vitamin K? (Source: Living,

Vitamin K affects blood clotting process . It is necessary in cases of wounds on the skin , to prevent excessive bleeding . Vitamin K protects bones from fractures . Who suffers from a lack of vitamin K is the risk More...

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