Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘shendeti’
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Bee milk and curative properties (Source: Ikub,

He is a white fluid with high nutritional value, found that emerges from the throat, head of worker bees small force feeding larvae, males in the first phase of the queen and larvae. This is the only food of the More...

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The fruit of the season that cleans the blood (Source: Ikub,

Pomegranate has a range of attributes associated with the action that plays in the heart and arteries, due to the presence of flavonoids. It is ideal to ensure the resilience of blood veins and to prevent cardiovascular More...

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Five foods that end gërhitjes (Source:,

When partner or your partner snore-y at night, you probably do not quite easy to make a peaceful sleep. We bring you a few methods that end gërhitjes and food related. Here are 5 foods that present you stop snoring More...

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Vitamin A and its role in cancer prevention (Source: Ikub,

Once introduced into the body, vitamin A is usually stored in the tissue. Whenever necessary, it turns into retinoic acid, which activates specific receptors on cells. If cells do not have sufficient amounts of More...

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Autumn Fruits and vegetables (Source: Ikub,

Autumn Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and help for a healthy body and mind. Meet their properties. apples Recommended as fresh apples, as well as prepared with a prescription, such as cakes, More...

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Banana, fruit that prevents skin irritation (Source: Ikub,

Not only serves to calm the skin, but this fruit protects the eyes. The skin of the banana is a natural fertilizer and pesticide. Her skin contains more potassium and antioxidants, which keep the skin soft. As mentioned More...

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Sore throat, some ways to cure (Source: Ikub,

Hot clothes about qafës- A Wet soft cloth in water mixed with vinegar, alcohol brandy is smooth, place it around the neck and put a scarf Maram or thicker. This layer hold at least two hours. In-powerful lemon More...

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Vaccine against Ebola virus first test is positive (Source:,

New experimental vaccine against Ebolës, initially tested at a monkey, enables rapid protection and permanently from this deadly virus. This is the result of experiments come from the National Institute of USA, More...

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Tea, magic fluid that keeps away early death (Source: Ikub,

A study shows that tea consumption reduces by 24 percent the risk of death from causes unrelated to the heart compared with those who drank no tea. Experts say that tea is better than coffee, since coffee consumers More...

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Causes of head pain (Source: Ikub,

Headache is very common and are forced to leave perhaps “run” after pharmaceutical medicines, in the absence of other popular alternatives. After the head pain may hide different reasons and in some More...

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