Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘shendeti’
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Cheese nutrition, diet and affects the addition of vitamins (Source: Ikub,

Are focused on cheese ingredients biggest milk: vitamins A, D, E and B group vitamins Vitamin C has no cheese, because this vitamin is water soluble and remains in the whey. Cheese also contains valuable protein, More...

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The negative impact of heat (Source: Ikub,

Italian neurologist Rosario Sorrentino, director of “Istituto degli know RICERCA of cura di Panico attacchi” in Rome, explains the meteorological conditions, especially the hot ones cause stress, this More...

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Three diets with fruit (Source: Ikub,

Fruits around the world are one of the main ways to lose weight. By eating fruits like banana, pineapple and carrots, your body will suffer a drop in weight within a few days. Banana Diet It is recommended that More...

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Had severe pain, doctors draw 232 teeth from the mouth of a boy (Source: NOA,

Indian doctors of a hospital in Mumbai, pulled 232 teeth from the mouth of a teenager who complained of severe pain. According to doctors, this is a rare case of abnormal growth of the teeth, which was registered More...

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Celulitet, a pathology that causes annoyance (Source: Ikub,

Although the aesthetic nature, celulitet constitute a pathology that causes annoyance, especially among young women, who often develop inferiority complex yourself naturally exaggerated and dictated by fashion. More...

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Some simple gestures to avoid the pain of the stomach (Source: Ikub,

To not go immediately to the doctor there are some simple ways to calm stomach pain. Here are they. To not go immediately to the doctor there are some simple ways to calm stomach pain. Here are they. Keep warm with More...

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Cold shower helps weight reduction (Source: Ikub,

Do not use cold shower if you have heart problems with blood pressure or diabetes. Changes in body temperature can temporarily affect blood circulation. A cold shower in the morning reklasim not only helps the body More...

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Reasons why should consume Dardha (Source: Ikub,

Pear is a fruit of very important for our body. Is made to the extent of 84% water and 16% of the proteins extent, sugar, carbohydrates, phosphorus and magnesium. The main vitamins that contains this fruit are A, More...

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5 unknown causes of hair loss (Source: Ikub,

Tmerroheni when you see hair fall in bunches? Not yet know the cause why this happens? Discover some of the unknowns. Food poisoning When suffering stomach after a poisoning, blood flow can be disrupted and upset More...

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Beauty and Health, Science says that linked between them (Source: Ikub,

Results of the University of Cincinnati researchers and published in the journal “Evolution and Human Behaviour”, aunt just above support. The study conducted on a sample of men and women aged between More...

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