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Tumor, hazardous substances have at home (Source: Ikub,

The appeal comes from a Spanish doctor, which is one of the victims, but its fate is possible for good to survive the disease. Odile Martinez Fernandez later wrote a book, which she describes not only more tips More...

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Health values ​​of chestnut (Source: Ikub,

Chestnuts have very good nutritional value, they actually, several years ago represented the daily fodder pupojve who lived on the mountain. Today, you can consume in many versions, in the oven, boiled, baked, etc. More...

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Why should consume tangerines (Source: Ikub,

If you eat regularly, it helps to improve the skin. Not only that, but tangerines helps to lose weight naturally. Tangerines, a small fruit but with great value. For a shiny skin, to be more in shape with an ideal More...

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UHC: UHC Onkologjiku in mammography and afternoons free (Source: Newspaper-English,

The month of October has brought an increase in the number of women targeted oncology service at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” to perform breast examination. Head of ultrasound scan More...

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Causes of back pain and lumbar (Source: Century,

Referring to the British study, Chiropractic Association, nearly three in four people suffer from back pain. The main reasons that contribute to this pain is unbearable attitude in front of the television or computer. More...

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The first child of a transplanted uterus (Source: Journal-English,

A woman in Sweden, who was born without a uterus had a dream of having a baby after transplant bribe. 36-year-old mother, whose identity is not disclosed, had a uterine transplant in 2012 which took him from a near More...

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Have enough breast feeding the baby? 6 steps to understand (Source: Balkanweb,

TIRANA Most children are able to fully breastfed and drank under their hunger, some drink more often and a little more and some less, according to their needs feeding. Some, however, have a tendency to sleep for More...

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Bee milk and curative properties (Source: Ikub,

He is a white fluid with high nutritional value, found that emerges from the throat, head of worker bees small force feeding larvae, males in the first phase of the queen and larvae. This is the only food of the More...

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The fruit of the season that cleans the blood (Source: Ikub,

Pomegranate has a range of attributes associated with the action that plays in the heart and arteries, due to the presence of flavonoids. It is ideal to ensure the resilience of blood veins and to prevent cardiovascular More...

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Five foods that end gërhitjes (Source:,

When partner or your partner snore-y at night, you probably do not quite easy to make a peaceful sleep. We bring you a few methods that end gërhitjes and food related. Here are 5 foods that present you stop snoring More...

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