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Albania counts 3:36 million active mobile phone users (Source: Century,

The Telecommunications Market Albania is showing positive signs in some sectors development as Internet Broadband. At least, this report shows the last quarter of 2014 published by the Telecommunications in Albania. More...

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Isolated Panagia, blocking the road from snow leaves without learning children (Source: Ora News,

Snow, which included several days of Korca district municipality Vithkuq blocked. According to the communal, Aziz Panariti, no snow cleaner has not gone from 10 days to clear the roads of the municipality. There More...

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Fiks Fare: Albania, with no minimum vital after 20 years (Source: Journal-English,

Fiks Fare: Albania, with no minimum vital after 20 years 6407 ALL: Food – minimum costs per person are ALL 6407, while a person must be at least 2000-3000 calories a day 4600 ALL: Economic aid – A family, More...

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“Match won fans” (Source: Top Channel,

Friendly match between Italy and Albania was considered by the Italian press as a proof of civilization from the fans’. The meeting took place in an atmosphere of celebration and solidarity; Income from tickets More...

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The climate for business, up 40 places Albania (Source: Journal-English,

Albania has improved the business climate development, being adjacent to the site of 68. The new report of the World Bank Group’s “Doing Business 2015″, estimates that starting a business is made More...

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President of “Partizan”: Serbia guilty of violence with Albania (Source: Top Channel,

Infamous decision in the UEFA Disciplinary Commission to Serbia-Albania match made ​​unhappy not only Albanians but also Serbs, who wanted keeping winning 3-point plan on the table. Among them are certainly More...

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“Blindohet” stadium Serbia-Albania (Source: Top-Channel,

A few hours before the match Serbian security forces have started implementing extreme security measures. Large police forces siege began shortly after noon Partizan stadium, while helping them to have put the private More...

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De Biasi: Against Denmark, to win (Source: Top-Channel,

The coach De Biasi is giving “final touch collation” of the national team before important challenge in Denmark “Elbasan Arena” arises a press conference from Durres, where national team More...

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Konferenca e Kryetareve miratoi kalendarin 3-javor të punimeve të Kuvendit të Shqipërisë (Burimi: LSI,

 Mblidhet Konferenca e Kryetarëve Konferenca e Kryetarëve u mblodh sot dhe miratoi kalendarin 3-javor të punimeve të Kuvendit të Shqipërisë. Kryetari i Kuvendit, z. Ilir Meta bëri me dije se në bazë të More...

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