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Britain, pro status for Albania (Source:,

Britain one of the five countries refused his skeptical Albania candidate status, this time our country will support to get the status. The news was announced by the newspaper “The SundayTimes”, which More...

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President Nishani message to EU leaders: Albania deserves status (Source: Journal-English,

President of the Republic, Nishani, has sent a message to all the heads of state of member countries of the European Union through which Albania lobby to be given candidate status based on merit and accomplishments. In More...

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Government lobbying tour, Rama-Bushati in Paris, Josh today in London (Source:,

LONDON – Following the European Commission’s report which recommends the third time granting EU candidate status, the Albanian government leaders have started lobbying tour when there are still a few More...

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Drug trafficking, Felaj: file for investigation at the Prosecutor General (Source: Century,

The fight against drugs remains the challenge of government. The claim comes from both socialist deputy chairwoman of the Commission of Inquiry into Drug Trafficking, Ermonela Felaj. In an interview for “Century”, More...

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German business turns eyes to Albania (Source: Top Channel,

” Deutsche Bank ” there is no activity in Albania , but this does not mean that one of the strongest banks in the world is not interested in Albania . On the contrary ! After about two weeks , at its More...

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Albania receives unconditional status (Source: Century,

European Commission recommends granting EU candidate status to Albania . In the Progress Report released yesterday emphasis to show the political will to move on the right track in terms of priority issues that More...

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Finances, renewed in 2015 Eurobond 300 million euros (Source: American,

TIRANA – solution of the most pressing financial problems of the country seems secure . Albania could provide 500 million euros next year eurobond second huh Albanian history of finance . This is confirmed More...

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Assembly President attends inauguration of the Vocational Training Centre for the shoe industry in Shkodra (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament Mr . Meta attends inauguration of the Vocational Training Centre for the shoe industry in Shkodra . Meta : This is true Albania . What we need to support Albania ‘s not Thursday . This More...

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Speaker of Parliament received his Tërëshenjtërinë Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople I (Source: SMI,

Speaker of Parliament Mr . Ilir Meta received his Tërëshenjtërinë Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople I. Speaker of Parliament Mr . Ilir Meta received a delegation led by Orthodox Primate of his More...

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Cani: Reform begins and ends with energy (Source: Century,

Finance Minister Shiny Cani was present at the table where the World Bank introduced the ” Public Finance Review ” . During his speech the Minister stated that the government would establish a new fiscal More...

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