Etiketa nga Arkiva ‘sokol olldashi’
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Expert: Olldashi accident occurs 1 in 1 million cases (Source: Century,

Expert: It happens one in a million cases like accident that killed Sokol Olldashi , but unfortunately has happened . There is no other dilemma for one of the four autoteknikë experts who are in charge of conducting More...

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Disfiguring tumor (Source: Top Channel,

A teenager from Ontario , Canada , won media attention for the way they responded to taunts from her peers . 17 – year-old Sarah Atwell suffers from neurofibromatosis , a form of cancer that has disfigured More...

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State leaders pay homage at the Martyrs Cemetery (Source:,

A great day for celebrating 101 anniversary of independence , today celebrated the 69th anniversary of the liberation of the country . State leaders have held a ceremony at the Martyrs’ Cemetery , where they More...

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The capture of seven prisoners, Rama Renee: Wage growth starts with you (Source:,

TIRANA Edi Rama and Prime Minister Samir Interior Tahiri were this morning at RENEA forces unit , in Linz , thanks to the commitment within 7 days of arrest fugitives from 7 high security prison Drenovë in Korca More...

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Law Commission Monday hearing with NACO (Source:,

TIRANA – Parliamentary Commission of Laws will wait on Monday a report of the Minister of Justice Nasip Naco who will report to the deputies for judicial reforms . Most likely the opposition will seek a rotating More...

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Olldashi head was cracked, the glass does not expect skull

Olldashi head was cracked , the glass does not expect skull When you have spent more than 7 days from the death of MP Olldashi in a mysterious accident the evening of 20 November , other facts come to light from More...

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Cara igli against Basha: The opposition must remodeled (Source:,

TIRANA – Democrat MEP Igli Cara came out yesterday against pursuing policies that the Democratic Party by joining the group “different ” within the Party . In his speech at the plenary sessions More...

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Doda: Olldashi was left alone, and was hit (Source: Century,

After the death of deputy Olldashi was discussed that very soon he will publish his project to reform the Democratic Party . But , despite the death of the deputy Sokol Olldashi other members of the right require More...

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Albanian Parliament holds a minute heshjte for the death prematurely Democratic Party MP, Mr. Sokol Olldashi (Source: SMI,

Albanian Parliament holds a minute heshjte for the death prematurely Democratic Party MP, Mr. Sokol Olldashi.   At the beginning of the plenary session of the Assembly Speaker, Mr. Meta invite all members to More...

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Autoteknike expertise: Here’s 3 reasons Olldashi accident (Source:,

Prosecutor General’s Office states that it has completed the expertise autoteknike vehicle by which injured deputy , Sokol Olldashi . Expertise autoteknike performed on the vehicle , issued as a final conclusion More...

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